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Thanks for the vote of confidence cdboy. A very fine system you have indeed. We’re you at 282 before 252 and experience the SC upgrade...

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Hi Chris, i am glad you are finding the LW test useful... it is only relevant if you subscribe to the idea or hear that unwanted RF...

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Thanks Simon and others, I'll keep an eye out for a 2960 or 3560! I'm in New Zealand and of course the marketplace is much smaller here...

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From my local glass merchant. I gave him the exact Naim specs (from the forum) showed him a picture of the fraim and he ordered from his...

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If you are out for that kind of money you might want to check the Magicos, the current competition of the Wilsons. Chag -

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Thanks for the advice guys. Looks like I stick with the 250 run passive until another orphan CB 250 comes knocking on my door. n.
Sister Ray

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Congrats on buying the far as why anyone would hook speakers directly to the dave,many people are doing it with success,just...

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My Dave should be here in a week. The dealer is going to an audio event in Montreal and is back then. When he returns, he'll package up...

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I sent my HDX to the local authorized repair facility to have the HDD replaced. When I got it back it started to have ripping errors. I...

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◾ Linn have moved from a Top-spec company with "Attention To Detail",to a "Good enough" company.The Dealer do a fast installation with...

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I do have a black amp with one single led and no remote. I also have a shiny chrome vacuum tube amp that creates a nice ambience when it...

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Minimserver can ignore the in albums, artist, albumartist. And it run very well on qnap. For this you don‘t need roon.

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Give the HCDR a whirl on your Headline. I did when adding a SC to my 282 and decided to keep it.

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To be honest, I don't entirely understand the "musicality" term. I read about it on the Forum, and asked a dealer about it. Foot tapping...

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Boom. We have very similar systems and I suggest you take the plunge. You should get a healthy trade in for the HiCap DR. The SuperCap...

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In total agreement with you Bryce. No doubt this thread will be driven the same way those who know their science.
Dave J

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Hi Mike, I posted my findings on this, but intentionally declined to mention anything about sound quality consequences. Call me a...

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Kensal Green station in 2014, brought joy to my heart when I saw the picture.

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Some creative people about.. this made me have some hope for the future..

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I was asking about the glass. Reading your post again (more properly!) I see that you refer to fraim glass but where did you get just...

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Eloise, that irony had not escaped me too. That having been said, I've scrupulously avoided using FB for third party logins - thankfully...

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At the end of the day, were they really doing anything more than exploiting information people put into the public domain? We’re all...