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I have to admit I am very relieved that the quadraspire sounds so good! Thanks HH in particular for your advice about the SVT vs Q4.

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Richard Dane posted: Oh, and a another good exercise, very relevant here; try to go through an entire day without "attaching" labels on...

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A question regarding speaker cable connections for my Nait2 . I seem to remember Richard Dane posting recently about only using Naim...
pete T15

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Those Audiotech tables are great - I had one before we had children, after which the Linn went on a wall shelf. They are very short...

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General Classification - after Stage 3 1 FROOME Christopher N o 21 TEAM SKY 8h 53' 44'' 2 DE LA CRUZ MELGAREJO David N o 11 QUICK - STEP...

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When I arrived in London as a student in 1980, I lived close to Tottenham Court Road. Buying a hifi system was a priority, and I'm...

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Laskys... not many retail stores conjour up such emotive memories, but Laskys was the absolute final destination for getting lost in an...

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I ran Harbeth Monitor 30s in my main system for years and loved them. The system outgrew them eventually and as HUGE has stated i was...

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I bought my first system from 42: Wharfedale Denton, Garrard SP25, Teleton amp (that dropped a channel occasionally but never when it...
Gary Shaw

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Christopher_M; Yes, it's spiked through to the concrete. The platform on which the LP12 sits is also spiked ( i.e. between the top of...

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yeti42 posted: Has the socket you're plugging into an adequate earth? Naim kit needs an earth for safety. The livingroom of our...

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Huge posted: ... It's a pity you couldn't try the Harbeth 30.1 or Spendor SP2; comparing them to the ATC SCM19 would also be worthwhile.

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I always enjoyed visiting the Laskys store in Kingston upon Thames in the 70's. It seemed to always be busy.I remember loads of Jap kit...
Tabby cat

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I do indeed remember Laskys and the many other Hi-Fi shops in Tottenham Road at that time. As a teenager from the North of Scotland...

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Not got it yet Phil. BTW The Sound is amazing you could sell these at a higher price.

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SLM8W posted: There's always going to be fixes I wasn't being critical it's just that I was sure the app used to close down after httmg...
Phil Harris

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Obsydian posted: Jason, app is crap, but I assure you the Atom is the bollocks, buy it overlook the app school boy errors, you will not...
Phil Harris

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Poggy posted: I have a WD MyBook world and until recently it worked pretty fine apart from two issues - ordering of tracks and more...
Phil Harris

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Stating the bleeding obvious (I would hope), but the only opinion that matters to an individual is that individual's opinion; it matters...

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fatcat posted: Is Phil Irish. I'm a Yorkshireman ... ... it gives me an excuse to be a curmudgeonly old man! Phil
Phil Harris

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Having the app close after putting the Atom into standby would be very irritating for anyone who had more than one streamer. But the app...
David Hendon

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I've just tried this with my Qb. When you press standby the Qb switches off and the app shows my two rooms. This seems logical as once...

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Having had a pair of 250s then 4-pack 135, then 300 then 500, I would say that (trying to take into account the differences between...

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Huge posted: Eloise posted: Tabby cat posted: To be honest I am a bit out of my depth with this one -emotional empathy with...

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There's always going to be fixes I wasn't being critical it's just that I was sure the app used to close down after httmg standby now it...

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Yes, I don't quite know what happened with Spendor's 3 way speakers. I think they may not have quite evolved as much after the BC1 as...