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I think it's going too far for all tests in a series. The underlying issue is, of course, that away sides aren't winning very many...

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Perhaps a question of formulaic responses as opposed to genuinely objective. We do tend to get strict Naim users defending their gear...

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But a Kettle is usually 1KW and often 2KW, even at a short burst it is using way more then most devices running at a few watts. The...

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I had that demo of Lingo3 vs Lingo4 on otherwise identical LP12’s yesterday Cyclo. Very obvious and large step up as described by OP in...
kevin J Carden

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Circling back to the OP ( Is this forum becoming tired? ) maybe it's not the forum that's becoming tired, rather some forum...

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Something strange, Synology released (auto-updated) to DSM 6.1.7-15284 this morning. Per this thread; DSM 6.2 is still in the due for...

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That is an improvement but I don't think - having given the user a choice of background colours - they should affect usability. Why not...

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For those powering the DigiOne with a 5V ifi iPower: I could obtain a perceivable improvement in sound quality by grounding the ifi as...