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February 12


Music, sailing, travel, food&wine, art, architecture, telecommunications networking


Naim owner since '92 with original 72/180 ("it was like looking into their souls"),
progressed through cd3, hicap, cdx, 82, cds2, supercap, 52, 135s, nat01...

now gone fully digital with a few bumps on the way to get it making music and stop sounding nasty.

uniti Core and nDac + XPS-DR at the front end

- dedicated spur for the music system

- fibre Ethernet to the music system with local media converter on TP psu

- music on USB drive powered by TP psu

- top-level router and switch on screened isolation former and ferrites++ to keep mains clean

- noisy house electrics powered off when not in use or on screened isolation xformers with ferrites++


Fibre Ethernet link, TP-Link MC200CM fibre media converters with Naim end on TP PSU
[ferrite]+Cord C-Stream+[ferrite]
UnitiCore <- USB Chord Silverplus+[ferrite] <- 2TB LaCie d2 USB drive on TP PSU (all digital on 600va screened isolating transformer)

Naim Dac on XPS-DR (set 'floating' with separate audio ground via RCA)
52/supercap into 135s
Epos ES22s (poor man's active- minimal crossover, just make music, and very hard to replace...)



System Details

Uniti Core +USB drive, DAC/XPS-DR, 52/135s, NACA5, Epos ES22s.

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