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December 26


Current system 1:

Source 1: HDX (1TB); I really enjoy it more and more for all casual and serious listening, marvellous sound quality as digital source (with external dac), fine textures, good dynamics and swing, detailed soundstage...

Source 2: CD transport mbl 1621A; still my preferred source for serious and concentrated listening

Source 3: Music downloads from Naim store in my laptop. Previously, I had doubted computer as a serious audio source for a long time, but playing the files with HDX now, and having tried NDX and other streamers, I am convinced about computer audio.

Source 4: UnitiServe; only temporarily for comparison purposes

Source 5: Naim Tuner NAT 01; it has been the best and longest serving sound source in my system, although it has become difficult to find quality FM broadcasts where I live at the moment

Source 6: SME turntable; recently purchased, not set up yet, I really want to devote time to vinyl. I envied a friend who recently sold all his digital equipment and set up a solely analogue system, and he is so happy!

Intermediary equipment 1: Kondo KSL-DAC; still the ultimate DAC for me. The immaculate control of mbl transport on all tones and dynamics of the music and the astonishing ease and fluidity with which Kondo DAC can follow these make a magical couple for me.

Intermediary equipment 2: NDX; I appreciate the sweet and engaging sound very much and the internal DAC can compete with nDAC in many respects. However, I departed from her, as I found HDX to have a more organic and refined sound into external DACs.

Intermediary equipment 3: nDAC+555PS, the best DAC solution from Naim, quite compelling sound, if certainly NOT my taste. Was only temporarily with me for comparison purposes because I already had a good DAC.

Preamplifier: Kondo M-1000

Power amplifier: Kondo Souga, extremely open and transparent amplifier, revealing, lacks only the last bit of authority which Kondo's more powerful amps could provide.

Speakers: Kharma Exquisite

All cables: Purist Audio

Stand: Marigo Mystery Feet or Shun Mook feet on Pagode

Most important components of my listening room: four cats, they contribute lovingly to the enjoyment of music, and sometimes the contrary!


Current system 2:

Source: HDX server on the network

Intermediary equipment: NAC-N 172 XS

Poweramplifier: Kharma MP150 or Vincent SP-T800

Speakers: Kharma Ceramique 3.2


E: aysil31 at yahoodotcom