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August 21


Chappaqua, NY, USA


music, meditation, nature...


Ive been using Naim equipment for about 25 years now, starting with a 42-110 combo on Linn Kan II's, and progressing to my current system.  My stereo now comprises: a now vintage seeming "Naimed"LP12 w/ an ARO, the Armegeddon PS, a Dynavector TKR cartridge which combines beautifully with a Superline for phono which is aided and abetted by Supercap DR and an AV Options Z foil Airplug.   When I am not listening to vinyl, I enjoy CD's on a CDS III w/ 555 PS which handle CD's quite nicely.    In many ways, my favorite source is a NAT 01 for lazy listening to the radio.  My vintage Nak ZX-7 tape deck now is resting in the "audio museum" doing next to nothing.  Most of these feed a Spectral DMC 15 pre-amp and DMA 150 power amp combination, which plays through Avalon Opus Ceramique speakers.   I guess I am an oval earther these days!

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