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Northern Europe


My family, music, Manchester United, skiing, Ducati motorcycles, mountain biking, Audi and Porsche cars.

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I am a partner with Blake Morgan LLP solicitors - specialising in residential development.

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Cymbiosis Linn Sondek LP12 Woodsong Wenge, Linn Klimax Radikal with Chord Sarum Super ARAY power cable, Linn Keel/A, Tiger-Paw Khan and Tranquility, Linn Urika/Chord SSA phono/DIN interconnect , Naim Aro with Tiger-Paw sKale, Linn Krystal Naim CDS3/XPS2/Chord SSA interconnect Naim NAC552/552PS DR, Naim NAP300/300PS DR Chord SSA DIN/XLRs (all on Fraim and with a couple of Powerlines), Naim NACA5 and Kudos Super 20s

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