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January 9


chester, england


Family, music and audio, motoring/motorsport, cycling and brewing beer


I got into hifi when a student at university, starting out with Arcam Alpha amp and cd player with Celestion speakers. This progressed, through further cable and DAC upgrades to Naim KAN speakers with the same CD source but Linn Intek amplification before my first Naim system of CD3.5, NAP180 and NAC172, first with the KANs (why did I ever let them go......) and then Dynaudio.

Coming back to hifi after starting a family, starting with streaming via a Unitiserve and UQ2 but now upgrading to multiple black boxes in order to build a system i can get satisfaction from over many with the odd tweak here and there. Still trying to find the time to enjoy the music but that will come eventually........

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NDS, 555PS, NAC252, Supercap, NAP300, Unitiserv and ATC SCM11 with standard, straight from the box Naim cables throughout

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