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somewhere in France


naim SME ear apertura

modern jazz, soul, funk(70's). cinema, buddhism, tennis, hifi...  



i lived 8 years in Poland and now living in France since more than 40 years. My main studies are psychology patholog and philosophy . I am working with teenagers in public school...

biography of my system evolution: amps: denon integrated/ rega  mira/ naim 112-150/ 202/200-hicap/ 282-200-hicap/ ear yoshino 912-nap 250 and ear 912-nap 300 dr.

cd players: denon/ rega jupiter/ naim cd5/ audiomeca mephisto 2x/ naim cd5x-hicap/ cdx2-xps2/ and today nds-555 dr-unitserve uptone audio js2.

turntables: technics mk2/ rega p3/ rega p25/ rega p9/ and today sme20-sme 5- kiseki blue ns.

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nds/555dr/unitserve -uptone js2/ear 912 preamp -nap 300dr/ fmc - audioquest vodka/meicord/ hdplex and js2 on fmc / sme20/sme5 turntable /kiseki blue ns/ chord signature tuned array cables

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