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January 2


Sleepy Suffolk


A strong hatred of football and all its (hooligan) fans.


Cricket, as long as it is not the England cricket team.


Rugby, as long as it is not England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland.


Avoiding children and looking forward to death.


Long time (30 years) Naim user, but happy to try and have bought other products.

Currently running Wadia 861, Roksan TMS3/Artemiz/Lyra Skala, Superline/SC, 552, 300DR plus Nat05

Stands Unique RMS table and TT wall support.

Cabling by Naim; PowerLines, some SL, Hi-Line and standard.

Speakers are JM (Focal) Micro Utopia Be. 

Taken the first toe-dip into streaming with a UnitiServe and MuSo, in preparation for the day when the Wadia refuses to play. 

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