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March 29


City Boden,Sweden


Musik,Gold wing MC,Hifi-Equipments,Training and of course a good dinner with good wine or beer .


Have had a lot of Japan-equipment but from 1983 I have an eyeopening and buy my first LP12.After that from Linn LK1/LK2,Linn Kan to Active Isobarik to Active Keltik.

Have also been in the Tube-world,Croft,EAR,Tube Technology,Audion Silver Night Monoblock (single end and push pull) Bat,VTL ect.

Try'ed and had a lot of other company's speakers,cables,CD-players,pre and power-amps ect.

And of course in the Naim-land too,start with the classic Naim Nait and after that up a bit.Speakers to my Naim equipment,Linn Kan,Linn Isobarik,Naim Allae,My son have had Naim Unitiqute2,just sold it and waiting for the new Naim Atom.

Arranged Hifi Shows in the northen part of Sweden.Start an Hifi and Music-org called Öronvax (Earwax) in Sweden.

The more I know,the less I know....I learn a lot by reading this forum.



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