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January 19


Camborne, Cornwall


Music, both live and recorded. Eclectic taste, but primarily 60s and 70s Rock, 80s NWOBHM, Folk.

Angling - coarse, but recently taken up fly fishing.

Travel. We own a motorhome, and regularly spend a couple of months each year touring France. Long haul trips to Bucket List destinations about to commence!

DIY. Since house renovation more or less complete, this has pretty much shrunk down to necessary maintenance.

Cycling - strictly leisure, not MAMIL!! E-bikes, best investment I've ever made!


Retired, living the dream in West Cornwall.

A long time ago (5 years), in a galaxy far, far away (Essex!) I served a life sentence (30 years) as a cop. I'm not knocking it, as it gave me a pretty good living and a great pension which enabled the move. Happy Days!!

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System1 (Lounge): NAC-N 272, 555 PS DR, NAP 250DR, ProAc K6, Chord Epic Reference Twin, Superlumina DIN to XLR, Powerlines x 2, B & W P7 headphones System 2 (Bedroom): UnitiQute2, Neat Iota, Chord Odyssey. System 3 (Kitchen/Diner): MuSo. Study: UnitiServe HD 2TB > Synology NAS DS215j 4TB (2 x 2 WD 2TB Red). Portable setup: A & K KANN + Shure 846 earphones, A & K Jr + AKG Y50BT headphones

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