555PS DR upgrade have bitten bullet

Sorry yeah did the full reset .... what  I have noticed is that the very low sub base information and detail seems much improved and is more tuneful.....impressed. Although this upgrade has coincided with close behind the dr upgrade of 555ps....anyway all very very good. I will be interested to see how the ND555 could possibly improve things further.

I too have a 555DR (for about 6 months now) and have updated to 4.6 like yourself. I believe the continued improvement you (and I) hear is of course the 555DR continuing to bed in but also due to the wonders of 4.6.

I thought, pre 4.6, that I had got the most out of the 555DR. Little did I know at that time there was far more to come from my NDS/555DR source. The 4.6 update seems to wring more detail, texture, deeper but firmer bass and simply a more musical (sorry, a very overused term I know) experience. All this with the unassuming 252DR/250DR. It goes to show what a belter of pre/power amp the 252DR/250DR is.

All this from some DSP coding. Amazing.

Totally agree ........ I played one track which I used shy away from  (it came after a couple of belting tracks I love) -  on a favorite CD rip and it totally blew me away .... the sound stage and vocalisation was stunning - it used to be flatter with less detail and not engaging - I am so impressed .... all of this from a streamer designed way back in 2010. If the ND555 can improve on this meaningfully I want to hear it......

And the newly DR'd HiCap will continue to improve, Lindsay.

I was always a little sceptical about the value of DR on supplies when they were first announced. My dealer was always saying get as much of your system DR'd as possible which I have done in steps. I have to say my dealer was so right. Having a fully DR'd system seems to give more that the sum of the parts. A bit like a SuperLumina full loom.

Lindsay, you are not going to like the next comment. I have to say there also seems to be a synergy between DRing and SuperLumina'ing. I can completely understand why you might not want to get into the SuperLumina thing. Just saying, that's all.

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