All in one record player.Modern or retro.

When helping my father with a sort out I have found some records I had from my youth.There is 15 albums,38 twelve inch and 43 seven inch records some of which are picture discs and coloured discs.

I would like to listen to these records but don't want to spend a fortune as it's only a small collection and I don't know how good of a condition they are in.

Could anyone recommend a all in one record player I could put in our spare room to use on the odd occasion.I have looked on the internet and there is a abundance of different models but I wouldn't have a clue where to start.



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av in bc posted:

don't forget to check the value of these records while you're at it, you never know there might be gold in there.

for a small collection, i'd recommend that you get a used table from craigslist, as long as it works it'll be fine.

Picture discs include Bronski Beat,Communardes,wham,Blondie,Toy dolls and the Belle Stars.Probably couldn't give the Belle Stars away.😁😁

The term "all in one" made me do a double take. My neice has an all in one player, one of those attaché case jobs meant to look like 1950s and costs under £100. A ceramic cartridge tracking at 5 or 6 or 10 grams, half a dozen plays and no groove left to use?

Or, as Mulberry suggests Pro-ject with a built in phono amp and a real cartridge.....

Well you can't have it both ways - listen to records on the cheap and still realize vinyl's potential SQ glory. Too many variables involved; the TT, the cartridge, the phonostage, and the interconnect. For the handful of records at your disposal, I'd give up the ghost.

As far as picture discs go, my experience is they have poor SQ, warp easily, and are best suited to be framed and hung on a wall - provided you like the album art and your room can take the reflections.

Either a Project Essentials III or Rega Planar 1, add a Project Elementals Phono box - either the standard or the record version if you fancy digitising your vinyl.  Add a pair of powered desktop speakers.

Yes, cost will be higher than an “all in one” turntable, but the quality will be higher and you won’t damage your vinyl (unlike a suitcase turntable or ion turntable might).  And if you find you don’t use it... selling it on will probably end up costing you less than had you bought something cheap which has no resale value.

Matty, it all really boils down to budget.  So, if assuming you want to spend as little as possible, then secondhand is definitely the way to go.  I would avoid any of those horrible "suitcase" players that seem to be all over online auction sites. Think instead of a classic Pioneer PL12D or Dual CS-505 and whatever amp and speakers you can afford with what's left over - Oh, and budget £15-20 for a new stylus and belt respectively. Speaking of the Pioneer, there was an all-in-one version of the PL-12D which was pretty good and does crop up here and there - the C-4500.  Just add speakers.  I've seen the in good condition selling for under £150, which has to be a much better bet than the modern plastic stuff that's out there for similar money.  Here's a picture I found on the 'net. 

Of course, if budget is more extended and it may well be the start of a new vinyl odyssey for you, then separates are definitely the way to go and I would probably point you towards Rega for the deck to get you started.

Thanks Richard

I started off with a technics system at the age of 15 with a technics turntable that was associated with dj's for years.when I bought my first house and got more into hifi I then used arcam with a rega planner 1.My only source now is my ndx served by a nas.

I suppose finding the records brought a  few memories  back and I thought it would be great to listen to them again but not long term.I do have all the albums I found on cd.


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