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I read in last stereophile magazine a review of the aqvox se ethernet switch. This switch costs 800 euros ( around 750 GBP) and is an upgrade over the d-link switch.  The reviewer could not detect a significative difference vs the 30 dollars d link.  He used a merging nadac streaming player dac ( 13k).   I think i saved my money.....

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you are right, it is only a review and it is better to listen to it to know.  For myself i will keep my cisco 2960, which gives more involvement and body to the music, vs my last netgear gs105.

I have also tested the tcxo paul pang switch with hdplex ps, but found the sound a bit lean vs the cisco.

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£750 represents a significant contribution towards the cost of combined store/renderer (Core, Melco, Innuos Zenith etc), which need have no network effects at all, and no need for any other fancy network components...

the new cisco 2960 costs nearly the same.....  and have positive sound effects with a core or unitserve and very probably innuos zenith ( in upnp mode).  The melco has 2 switch, so it must be different...

I have recently gotten the "entry" Aqvox-8 switch. The rationale was simple: it costed ballpark as a good LPS which seems to be a recommendation for switches / NAS's. I cannot (and haven't tried to) do a comparison with my older basic switch. It is was one of those "belt and suspenders" moves to have the feeling you have taken all reasonable precautions...

In fairness switches can easily cost north of a grand, I guess whats going on here is being able to sell expensive gear to people willing to pay when they don't need too. Expensive switches are aimed where expensive switches are needed, certainly not at home.

The only possible way it could be justified to purchase an 'audiophile switch' (!) is if your main hifi is at the very highest level. Certainly by this stage music is a secondery consideration anyhow, so may as well fill your boots.

If I was spunking that sort of money on a switch I would fancy one of those ubiquiti ones, just because the interface is so purdy. As good a reason as any! 

My personal opinion is for the home gamer, ebay is your friend, I have a 48 port netgear in use and 3 24porters spare in the garage, all less than a hundy each.

even on devialet forum, the members were not convinced by this switch, enough to buy it. It uses also the tcxo inside as paul pang switch.    But few reviews on it, i will not say definitely that i don’t believe in sound improvement with it. The costly new cisco 2960 , bought second hand, had an impact on a good quality switch seems important in the chain.

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