Buyer's remorse

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...Try using a car for 40 years 



Analog, your comment reminded me that a friend of my Mother who lives in the village here still regularly uses the car he has had since he was 18 years old.  The bodywork is a bit of a patchwork, the paint is flaking or chipped and slightly different shades of green on various parts, the leather is now like suede, the interior showing every day of it's 80 years of use, but mechanically it is in good health and everybody waves at the car when he's out pootling about.  It has become a much loved part of the family. When he either pass away or can no longer drive then it will go to one of his daughters.  Lucky girl.

Lovely story, Richard. That would make a nice restoration project.

Richard Dane posted:

Tony, I reckon it's much nicer just left as is - with mechanics kept in good fettle as and when required.

That Bentkey seems to have a great history, Richard. Certainly, IMO, deserves a bit of TLC. 

“Mentioned on page 38 of Kenneth Neve's book "A Bit Behind the Times" (Grenville Press 1988). Owned by his brother. Raced by the Birkin brothers in the 1927 Essex Six Hour race at Brooklands where it was the only one, of four Bentleys, to finish — in third place at 59.8 mph average.”

Chassis No. LM1327
Engine No. LM1329
Registration No. KM 5844
Date of Delivery: Jul 1926
Type of Body: 4-seater
Coachbuilder: Vanden Plas
Type of Car: SP

First Owner: STURRIDGE M H G

More Info: According to original Vanden Plas Coachbuilder records, this car was originally fitted with Body No. 1240 with a Standard 4-seater Sports; blue / black; 7/1926.




Back on topic, I did feel a bit miffed when I bought two HiCaps to power my NAC82 preamp just a few months before the Supercap was released. I sold the HiCaps a while later to make way for the Supercap, which was without doubt the biggest upgrade in terms of improved sound that I have ever made. 

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I do like my XS2 rather a lot, but I do regret that I didn’t go for an SN2... When buying the XS2 I didn’t quite expect that I would enjoy music that much. It was a big jump from a small Denon mini system to the XS2/ND5XS/PMC25.23 — a totally new world to me. None of our friends was into hifi.

The xs-2 is grossly underrated. JV would’ve said Yes, even if its power rating went beyond his stipulations for an Integrated in his time. ��

The SuperNAIT was not my best purchase. Not because it sounded bad but it was a dead end, especially when I later realised that I wanted to go active. 

Good point regarding cars though. I think my current hifi cost still less than a decent new Golf would have. So much money for something in which you want to stay only as long as necessary to get you to the place where you really want to be, i.e. vacation, friends, family, hifi.



Not buyer's remorse but regret, 2 in respect of hifi:

1) XP5XS because the difference it brought was so small as to not be worth the cost - it lasted a month before I sold it, at a loss.

2) ND5XS - though the regret was not about buying it, as it was a perfectly good player that I did enjoy for a while, rather it was regret that I hadn't done more research about the new (to me) subject of streaming, only afterwards learning more and discovering that for the same money I could have got even better sound quality.

Outside of hifi, I have made a couple of bad financial decisions, that caused far more serious regret than anything hifi, with losses that could have bought a truly top-end hifi system: I would have had buyer's remorse had I spent that amount of money on hifi, real guilt at the commitment of such large resources purely for my own hobby - but I would still have it to enjoy every day for the rest of my life. that does twist the regret!


On the subject of cars, in general I have never understood people buying new cars, as you lose so much on the day you buy them - and if simply because of having enough money to not be concerned, that only makes sense if it is the very best car you could possibly want, otherwise a secondhand one gets you better for the same money, yet some people buy their new mundane motors with amazing regularity. (Of course, someone has to, otherwise there'd be no secondhand models for others!) Neither have I understood the fixation some people have on having to keep the semblence of new, buying again every year or so, but that is a different subject....

I agree about new cars. But is new hifi equipment, even Naim, that much better? Fairly new Naim kit is what, 30%?, cheaper second hand and doesn't suffer from wear and tear the way cars do. 

I've only bought a new car once but I've bought new Naim stuff a few ones so I'm not preaching!


I can't think of a more efficient way of losing money than buying a new car. Plenty don't agree or are willing to do it. I'm grateful to them and hope they will continue to indulge themselves, so that I can swing in, three or four years down the line. The car before my current car stickered at £83K (no idea what the first owner actually paid after discounts etc.) and came to live with me three years later for a quarter of that price. The car I replaced it with was a year older when I got it, had only done 30K and managed to lose £79K from its original sticker price. I suppose, compared to that, Naim almost looks like an investment. But it isn't really.