Clicking on the Nova.

Odd, and I noticed this before but was not to worried about this. Until now! My Nova when in standby mode makes a clicking sound. The same sound if you turn the Nova on. It seems to be a relais flipping. Happens in a day about fifteen times in average. Nothing else seems to happen. Odd

Round earth. No thank you.

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Same thing with my Atom, except that this clicking sound happens even when the unit is operating but only when using the HDMI input.

However, mine will not put itself into stand-by mode neither produce any clicking sound once I deliberately put into stand-by. 

I would be careful with the HDMI and if you have issues do not use it. My first Nova went relay mental and then TV was inoperative, for a hour I thought it was dead, disconnected HDMI, unplugged and waited before powering up TV all ok.

That Nova was RMA to Naim, I was advised the HDMI module was faulty.

Since then I have not taken the risk with Hdmi, irritating as it was my secondary purpose for home cinema use.

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