Dandelion Radio Festive Fifty 2016

Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but as I've gone to the trouble of noting them down, I thought I would share in case anybody else was interested...

50P J HarveyThe Wheel
49Artykuly RolneWeze I Granaty
48Sauna Youth The Bridge
47Sun Kil Moon & JesuGood Morning My Love
46M J Hibbett & The ValidatorsThe 1980s How It Was
45Mixed InfantsAugust 03
44Hissing TilesGreat Moon
43She DevilsCome
41Eureka BrownWe're All Gonna Die
40Sir Robert Orange PeelThe Spiral
39Andrew WeatherallConfidence Man
38Iggy PopParaguay
37The CaretakerA6 - Things that are beautiful and transient
36Let's Eat GrandmaDeep Six Textbook
35PixiesClassic Masher
33Cate Le Bon Wonderful
32Teenage FanclubThin Air
31Future of the LeftBack When I Was Brilliant
30The Lucid DreamBad Texan
29The WolfhoundsNow I'm A Killer
28RadioheadBurn The Witch
27Arab StrapThe First Big Weekend of 2016
24CabbageDinner Lady
23Holy F**kTom Tom
22Pussy RiotStraight Outta Vagina
21Minor VictoriesCogs
20T-Shirt WeatherMy Dad's Black Polo
19Meilyr JonesHow To Recognise A Work Of Art
18HindsSan Diego
16The Wedding PresentBroken Bow
14The Blind ShakeBroken Racehorse 
13Diane Marie Kloba Rescued
12The BordellosPiss On Spotify
11The Goon SaxBoyfriend 
10The WolfhoundsAcross The River of Death
9Wolf GirlMiddlesexy 
8P J HarveyThe Community of Hope
7Portishead SOS
6Goat Alarms
5P J HarveyThe Ministry of Defence
4The Fall Wise Ol' Man
3The Wedding PresentSanta Monica
2David BowieLazarus 
1David BowieBlackstar 
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Er, I also posted the Festive Fifty on here (after you) as I did not notice you had already posted it. Your layout is much better than mine though plus yours does not contain typing errors!

Also worth noting is the dandelion radio program F50 Retrospective Part 2 which contains many great tracks from recent Festive Fifties. Like the Festive Fifty itself, this programme is also being repeated daily until the end of January. Worth checking out if you are a music lover.


Ghetto Yout'.

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