Digital cable ND5XS to DAC

Filipe posted:

@French Rooster and @Ravenswood10 thank you for your insights.

Thoughts from anyone on these.

1. Would an iFI iPower of the appropriate voltage be better?

2. Any views on Cinnamon verses Pearl or anything else?

3. Some people use Cisco 2960 range switches. These are quite pricey. Is the point to isolate some of the noise from the hub? Would a better powersupply on the hub do as well? Would I have to put one on the NAS (Lenovo IX2 RAID 1 - 2 x 2GB).

4. Could absence of these mess up the Core whereas the UnitiServe SSD is not?

5. Is SSD better in the Core than HD?

Happy Christmas to Everyone


I use a Draytek mains powered 12 port switch which works vey well. I got this to complement my Draytek 2860 rooter which i use in place of an iSP provided device. Also suggested by my Naim dealer as he's no fan of ISP devices. It also solved the discovery issues I was experiencing and has been rock solid since I installed it in the summer.

I also use a linear power supply on the 2860. I used Forest before Cinnamon. I know others use Vodka to good effect but Cinnamon works well for me.

I didn't compare SSD with HDD but went with the former because I wanted the Core on my rack and didn't want a day drive whirring away 24/7. One magazine I think suggested a marginal presence for HDD.

Gazza posted:

Have a dc iPurifier on order, not here until the new year, will report back . Intend to try across the router, switch 1 , and then switch 2 which is nearest to the hifi?


My BT Hub5 is a couple of metres from the HiFi. It’s sited to be able to reach a wireless bridge that serves an upstairs PC and the other side of the house. Since reverting to the simple network Naim recommend I have absolutely no network issues. 


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