Dynamik Radikal with the Tiger Paw Khan

Last Thursday at Cymbiosis; Fitting of the Khan;- new Top plate for the LP12.

With this report following on from -  Linn/Pink/HiFiWorld.

The context;   Dynamik Radikal LP12, Aro Keel, Airplug Superline, Dyna XX2 Mk2, One Thing Quad ESL 57's. { See my profile for the rest }.

Rarely make a posting { no time }. ---Yet spend a plenty time testing out everyones tweaking ideas as they come along. Recently the radikal,- the in and out adjustments; {very good results}.

Long term; my own aro sponge top cup {good result}. And Sonddek's various manifestations of scew, cotton and tape; {not so good}.

There are others!

Now what about the music with the Khan.? Well first of all I had to redo the settings on my aro - having lost some of them in the changeover. Going around the mulberry bush yet again with three extended testing sessions.You see, I was having out of this world exquisite results pre Khan. I know from much experience now, how absolute precise setting up across a number of areas is crucial for musicality. Each record should sound like the best thing you have ever beheld in your entire life bar the very best acoustic live performances.   I knew my benchmark to evaluate Khan and especially with a variety of test tracks pre listened to. Once this was all established I was ready.

I was now able to ascertain proper what the Khan was doing for the music.

And yes it was surely better. More of everything, more complete and more cogent if that were possible.

In fact I agree with what everyone has said about its effect on the other forums.

You can't really go wrong here with no perceived change to the Linn character.

-Just to sit back and listen to music is all you feel inclined to do;  -- It's so brilliantly relaxed and revealing.

I'll try some words but generally I would say it seems to enhance just about every area with a nicely balanced margin.

Quiet, coherance, seperation, timing, expression, soundstage, human intelligible vocals, expansive, harmonics, consistant, sensitive, texture, colour, powerful climax, definition, tight, raw feeling, mesmerizing, smooth, natural, effortless, fine pitch, fine detail, vital, fullness, bass, cymbals, freqency extremes.

Perhaps too many words written down whilst playing through the seven test pieces.

In magnitude probably around Keel size. . {can't remember properly}.     

Many small values make a entirely new whole greater than the sum of its parts would be my final analysis.

A good value upgrade by any standards, Congratulations to Tiger Paw.

Regards Carl.         

Original Post

It's great to see more praise of the Khan. In fact, the consistency of the praise being heaped on this new product is immensely reassuring as it's on my shopping list. I've recently completed a huge investement in my LP12 with the Ekos SE and Keel completing the ypgrades following the Radikal/Urika done a couple of years ago.


I was about to secure the Akiva to replace my Troika, then the Khan came along and that's jumped to the top of my list. Ian at UHES was also full of praise for the Khan and they have recently added themselves to the growing list of dealers who supply/fit the top plate.


The price is good too for a top level LP12 upgrade. Will demo very soon methinks.

A timely reminder Stu. I too hope all goes well and Norman makes a full speedy recovery.


I suppose the fact that several of the very best dealerships (UHES, Cymbiosis etc) have adopted the Khan and it seems likely many diehard Linnies will give it a try. Can't wait for the dem (well, perhaps a while until all is 'business as usual')



I hope all goes well for Norman - best wishes. Both my parents have had the heart bypass rebore (triple in one case and quadruple in the other). Both were a lot fitter and better and had a new lease of life afterwards. In fact, after dad had his we realised how off colour he had been prior to the op! Luckily, heart bypass operations are really quite routine nowadays so they're a lot less worrying than they used to be. Still, it IS a major operation of course...! So best wishes Norman.


As for the Khan, interesting development. Looks very nicely finished (although I like the stainless steel look). I was concerned about the lack of bendability since that's a prerequisite with the steel item to get the springs acting vertically, so if their stug arrangement sorts that out, then it'll be very nice indeed. One does wonder whether the inherent character of the deck remains of course.


All opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinion of any organisations I work for, except where this is stated explicitly.

Yes, I spoke to Norman about his impending circulatory upgrade a few weeks ago and he was typically bullish, looking forward to be back to work soon and fighting fit. He needs to take it easy of course, but let’s all wish him a speedy recovery.
Originally Posted by Frank Abela:

 One does wonder whether the inherent character of the deck remains of course.


All opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinion of any organisations I work for, except where this is stated explicitly.

Frank, It does IMHO..... 


Kind regards,



Would like to wish Norman the very best as well from this post.

Some more played tonight. Still good. Just somewhat more real and natural. It seems very hard to break down and study. You just accept a more involved listening experience. Yes there is a lot more information but it's transcended. As for the character changing It seems more like the Linn than before if that makes any sense. No seriously guys this is a understated music first improvement.



It blows the LINN top plate out of the water leaves it years behind  on what it does sound wise.

Its like i said to Peter when he was here a couple of weeks ago.

I would like to see a black one?

Each to there own on colour.

But here is where i am coming from.

 If i buy one even a special black one ,If it can be done?

You can put money on it Linn will have something out next year.

I want to keep my deck all Linn as do a lot of people i know.

What ever Linn do though?You can put money on it not being as cheap as the TP top plate.

Its a great/ fantastic built designed product that works better than just well and it stands alone in todays market and will sell like hot cakes because its better than just good.


Originally Posted by Gale 401:

You can put money on it Linn will have something out next year.

I want to keep my deck all Linn as do a lot of people i know.

Maybe Stu I don't know - but if that perception is accepted then logically it will put people off buying the Khan at least until a price / performance comparison can be made.


My concern though is how this fits in to a potential upgrade strategy - Pete is thinking about Khan before Akiva and perhaps that is right. I was thinking about swapping my stageline for a Urika but is that still appropriate?


Decisions decisions...




Although the Akiva is on my radar - as in to be checked out in the future - I have only heard it in an Ekos / Ekos SE and I kind of share your reservations.


For me it is probably a phono stage change first - although the Khan does become a possible interim step.

I think in the scheme of things (Keel in particular) the Khan seems reasonably priced. Let's keep in mind that the price needs to cover manufacturing costs, profit for the manufacturer, installation costs for the dealer (a partial deck rebuild), and profit for the dealer.  Me thinks is is priced rather fairly.




I know where you're coming from with the retention of Linn only upgrades. It's quite hard to step back from the Tiger-Paw offering when taking account of the price, performance and, most obvious of all, Linn currently has no (more expensive) alternative. I do recall your comment some months ago when you referred to Linn's new LP12 upgrades that were in the pipeline. Hope the rap on the knuckles wasn't too painful.


Again you hint at a Linn top plate in your posts. It's the adoption of the TP Khan by respected dealerships that tempts me to go sooner rather than later on the top plate (subject to dem, but I suspect that's something of a formality).


I was on the brink of getting the Akiva, but the top plate is so fundamental to the performance of the deck, that for me, it should be fitted first. The Akiva can wait a while longer and the Troika is doing a superb job for the time being.


These are exciting times for Linn LP12 owners, especially those who have or are close to maxing their tt. Each and every (Linn) upgrade I've had fitted in the past couple of years (Cirkus, Radikal, Urika, Dynamiked Radikal, Keel, Ekos SE) has brought so much more from the LP12, but I'm strongly tempted to go with the Khan. One thing's for certain, Linn won't bring out a top plate unless it outperforms the Khan,though that extra performance will certainly come at a cost. But that will suit some who will max their beloved LP12s irrespective of cost.



If it has an anodised finish then any colour should be possible. My better half does jewellery in anodised aluminium. Gets the raw unsealed material and draws on it with coloured markers. It's then steamed to seal it ad finally boiled to further seal it. (Wasn't pleased when I used her boiling cauldron for scalding chickens:-).

Like the idea of a black plate on a black fluted plinth. And the platter....now where's that spray paint?


At some point we should be so tempted to try and explain how classical music in particular has fared. This so recently, at least since the dynamik / airplug / khan / behaviours.

Is it now plausible that it becomes too good  {even unbearable} -Or some over valued ideas have finally come into play.  All this after a thirty five year adventure that began in Aucklnd NZ.

 Beethoven piano concerto no. 3 in C minor .

Charity shop records please one after another.

Heaven could be possible.


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