Final link in the chain.

Ages back, I received some advice on here regarding replacing my NacA5 speaker terminal links, and, as a result, started tracking down Vertere cables, as SuperLumina didn't seem to be available at the time.

Fortunately, a phone call to one of the better known Naim dealers revealed that, though they didn't appear on their website, they did, in fact have a pair in stock. 

They've been in place for a few weeks now, and, based on what I'm hearing, I would urge any forum members with a full SuperLumina loom to investigate these, as they do seem to bring out the best in the other Superlumina cables.

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dave marshall posted:

How true .................. I can give this up any time I want ............... honest! 

The last link, Nice title, didn't get it at first. 

The age of technology:

"Touraj Moghaddam.

The CEO and founder of Vertere, creators of high-end audio cables, has dedicated almost his entire working life to striving for listening perfection.

[we have to understand what is the weakest link and then produce and design it and get the result that you expected. The advantage is that once you’ve done that it automatically leads you to the next weak link.]”

Now it makes sence, I'm employing that same principal to my hi fi journey.

The best pre amp I can afford, then build on that.

282>HCDR>Cdx2>3 x 250.2>Briks

As you can see, I'm an Active Fan!

Hence, SC & Snaxo, next up.

Which leads me to your Title, the Final link in the Chain!

Only one Problem, Vertere ain't Cheap!

Oh Well!��



kevin J Carden posted:

Thanks Dave (not! ) . I heard the difference that SL DIN-XLR made. At the time (52/500 non DR) it was noticeable but not obviously worth near 3k. SL speaker cable still less so at that time, but both should I feel be reinvestigated when funds allow...

That's interesting, what difference did you hear with the SL DIN-XLR?

I did hear the SL speaker cable, liked it a lot, but.... I'd have to listen to it again to be sure, it isn't cheap......

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