For the same price

For the same price....... .with my gear ndx / xps /252 /supercap /250.............would you Dr upgrade the supercap or go for a used 300??

Rega RP8 with Apheta cartridge into stageline

Rega Saturn / Unitiserve +  NDX


NAP 250.2


on quadraspire rack with NAC A5 

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Is the XPS of DR type? If not, I'd actually do that first. In fact, as tempting as a 300 is, I might think on how to DR everything from the XPS, the SC and the 250.2. The latter comes with a warning. The DR power amps are substantially different and that means that assuming you can slot one into an existing system with no problem is wrong. 

I DR'd my 250.2 which worked beautifully with the system at the time but the DR did not work well with my speakers at all. A change of speakers ensued. I had sort of planned to do that anyway but the 250dr really forced my hand.

having recently added a 300 into my system I would go 300

reasons, the control, focus, seperation and shear musicality of the 300 will add to your whole system, the 250.2 and 300 have different musical character, 250DR is closer in style to 300

in the world of upgrades moving boxes around, I can safely say the 300 (now DR) is the single biggest upgrade I have ever added to my system LP12/NDX/282/HCDR/300DR

only issue if you choice 300 route is finding one SH


True Blue posted:

Bullet bitten and 300 reserved. With the exception of Dr upgrades and servicing that's it..... 

same path as mine - purchased a 300 (2007) non DR in the summer and i was delighted with the 300 in the system

had the DR and service around a month ago...........................WOW!

enjoy 300 is sublime

Thanks all. Now got to wait 10 days till I finish work. Quick question re stacking. 


Does the head unit of the power amp class as brains?

For cable dressing I'm thinking of going. 

Left hand top to bottom





Right hand stack top to bottom

300 head



As a first guess:










This gets the 252 higher than the 300ps so further from the transformers and you have a spoting chance of elevating the Butndy’s (hence the us at the bottom).

I’ve just noticed the other item like the CD player, deck and stageline. Where to they fit in in your scheme above.

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