How to insert an album cover or similar image from the web into your post

Inserting a linked image such as an album cover from the web is straightforward.


1) choose your jpeg image - copy the url from the address header bar.  Amazon or Wikipaedia is a good image resource for album covers.  You will need the specific url of the image itself, so right click and open image in new tab helps here, or else search on google and press view image on the one that you choose.


2) In the post reply box, click on the button with the image of a tree in it (insert image button). The insert/edit image dialog box will open.  Paste into the Image URL box.  You should then see a preview of the image.  A very large image will mean you will only see a small part of it as it's not scaled in the preview box.


3) Press the green insert button at the bottom of the dialog box.  The dialog box will vanish and your picture will appear within your post.


Original Post

With many thanks to forum member Graham Clarke, here is a short tutorial for posting images from a typical hosting site (in this case, Photobucket);

Embedding Images into Naim Forum Posts


The Naim website does not allow you to upload images directly to it.  Instead you must upload the image to a photosharing site and then reference the image's URL (web address) within your Naim forum posting.  For this example I'm using Photobucket.

Go to and follow the sign up process by entering your username (typically your email address) and creating a password:

Once you’ve entered your email address and password you’ll see this page:

In this case, “graham_clarke2” is your username on Photobucket. Yours will be different and will be related to your email address.

Complete the remaining details on this page and click the “Get Started” link. You’ll only need to do this sign up process once.

Photobucket will say “Validating” when you click on the “Get Started” link. Once complete the screen will change. Now close your browser then open it again and once more go to In future, this is where you would start from.

 You’ll then see this page:

Select the “Upload” option. You’ll see this screen:

Click the “Choose photos & videos option. Find the picture(s) on your computer via the File Open dialog:

After upload you’ll see this:

Which shows that “1 of 1 photo successfully uploaded”. If you’ve selected more than one the numbers will be different. It’s best to use JPEG (.jpg) images. iPhones and cameras typically save pictures in this format. Now click on “View Uploads” to see what is in your library.

You’ll then see something like this:

Select the relevant picture to view it full screen by clicking on it:

Note the SHARE THIS PHOTO on the right hand side of the image. This is where you can get the URL (web address) specific for your picture. You’ll need to enter this into the Naim web site for your posting.

So click on the rectangle immediately to the right of the label “Direct” (second one down):

You’ll see the box turn yellow in colour temporarily and the word “Copied” will appear before changing back to the original text. Sometimes Photobucket can be a little slow at loading the page. If you hover your mouse pointer within the box to the right of “Direct” you should see it turn into a hand symbol once ready to allow you to do this. Once you’ve clicked, the web address has been copied to your clipboard.

Now go to the Naim Forum and start your new post or reply to an existing topic:

See the graphic highlighted in yellow? If you put your mouse pointer over it, it will say “Insert/Edit Image”. Write whatever text you need for your post prior to adding the image (but note that if you use cut and paste for text from somewhere else you’ll have to go back to Photobucket and click the “Direct” box again as the original web address will have been overwritten.

At the point you want to add the first image, click the highlighted icon above and you’ll see this:

With your cursor in the “Source” box (that’s where it will be when you first see this screen), presss CTRL and V simultaneously (paste from clipboard). You’ll see some text in the Source field roughly like this:

Click OK. You should see the image appear in the Create Topic window:

If you don’t see an image, something has gone wrong and you’ll need to try again. The editor for the Forum isn’t that great. If you want to add further text after the image, first hit return/enter once or twice which will put your cursor at the start of the next line.

You can repeat this for multiple images. For the second image, go back to Photobucket, find the image and select it so that it is full screen, then click the “Direct” link. Go back to the Forum, select the same icon and repeat the above procedure.

 If you added a picture to Photobucket some time ago and then want to find it later, click on the library link at the top when you first visit the site:

You’ll see the same tiled display of images which you can click on to select the required image and then continue from the point where you click on the “Direct” link again.