Is the forum in need of an overhaul?

I originally ventured onto the forum back in the early 2000s (IIRC - not exactly sure, or is it 2000's just for Nigel?) when I first bought my initial Naim system. There was an awful lot of "Feck off, who are you to post here? Your opinion will be what we say it is!" attitude from some members, which I found very off-putting...didn't take me long to bail on it.

When I re-joined it seemed more respectful, even though thinks can get heated. Like Vlad above, I don't have much to say about 500 level systems or $4,000 cables, so I contribute where I can, try to learn, and can ask questions about "how to" when necessary. Lots of smart folks here and by and large it appears to be MUCH more helpful than when I first ever set foot here, when a question about how to do something or what might work was more often greeted with an attitude that you are stupid to even have to ask.

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The Forum is fun, ranking is completely unnecessary. 

I can't understand why people are so bothered by 'ranking'... it's only there if you go looking for it... I guess being objective it's loosely representative of the extent of user participation and usage of the forum features over a period of time... and it does seem to jump around a bit...

I did try and play a game once to try and maintain No6 which I inadvertently discovered I had become  ... I held it briefly and then over shot .. Mike has it now 

I want my money back Simon. Your No 3 with 92688 points and I am No 5 with 92964 points. Not fair I am gonna cry myself to sleep tonight. Will have to visit the Docs tomorrow to get some valium tro try and cure the depression I now feel.

Sorry ewemon - you are going to be docked 20 positions for thinking Valium is for depression!

Now if you had said you are going to get some diazepam ( generic, it's cheaper and works just as well) for the anxiety you are experiencing over your diminished forum ranking, then you would have overtaken Simon.

Sorry - couldn't resist some pharmacist fun there.

That's it toys are going out of the pram and I want my ball back.