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Hi all!

I have the chance to buy a used (3 years old) Lingo with original packing, cables, switch etc. for 450 €.
Is this a reasonable price?
Has anyone sold a Lingo recently and still rememberes the amount?
Thanks for your input

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The price is 450 euro which is 276,35 GBP, it is sold buy a dealer in commision for a customer (trade in).
As a dealer is selling it, it's flawless.
As I have no idea about s/h lingo prices I asked.
To be honest:
I bought it half an hour ago - will be delivered next week.
My main reason was the 45 rpm option - and upgraditis of course ....
P.S.: so its a bargain!

Congratulations on your Lingo Guido. I have had one for some time and had no problems. The 45rpm speed option is great for playing all those singles - especially some of the 12" singles which can sound awesome. Pity the Armageddon doesn't offer the 45 rpm option.

I often think it's a pity that Linn don't have a Forum like this where we can discuss LP12 Turntables etc.


but an Armageddon is in a different league AND some prefer Valhalla to Lingo.

Also; the Lingo squirts a load of gunk into the mains and generally buggers up other system components.

It has to be unplugged (switching off is not enough) from the mains to expunge its evil influence!

Also; the Lingo squirts a load of gunk into the mains and generally buggers up other system components.

The first part of that statement is utter fallacy, based on folklore and abscence of facts.

The second bit is true, but easily cured, see for more info.

The only sense the Armageddon is in a different league is it's positively stone-age compared to the Lingo. It must, by design, leave the LP12 more open to mains related performance variation, something the Lingo effectively reduces.

I'm not for one second suggesting it doesn't sound great - it does, but it's not dramatically better than a modded Lingo. There are a few (only one that I can think of!) that disagree and have heard both options, and as with everything what it sounds like to you is what matters.

The Armageddon is an elegant solution for those that don't have the inclination for hacking around a Lingo, don't need 45RPM, and don't mind spending a lot of money on a box with very little in it wink.

The one thing I do know is that, without a single exception, those that have modded Lingo in accordance with my suggestion have preferred the final result, which gives me a warm feeling inside, and is a great relief, since it's not easily reversible eek


having owned both a regular lingo, modded lingo (i did eventually try your excellent suggestion of removing the filter) and now an armaggedon, i think the armaggedon does the flow and rhythm thing much better than the lingo. the lingo definately has deeper bass but sounds less 'boppy than than linn supply imho.



1. Chumbawamba - Revolution 7" EP
2. Malcolm X - No Sell Out 12"
3. Stone Roses - Fool's Gold 12"
4. Ultramarine - United Kingdons LP
5. Young Marble Giants - Final Day EP
6. Chrtstina - Things Fall Apart 7"
7. Robert Wyatt - Work in Progress EP
8. Berntholer - My Suitor 12"
9. X Ray Spex - Oh Bondage Up Yours! 7"
10. Cabaret Voltaire - 2X45 LP
Yes, all the above are outstanding records that deserve pride of place in any collection, and all orginally came out at 45rpm. They cannot be played on an Armageddon. Why deprive yourselves of some of the best music ever made? Is it really worth it? Maybe some of you haven't even heard of all these performances? All I can say is tear yourselves away from Bryan Adams and Alanis Morisette if you can, it's worth it...
And before I hear: 'Some of these songs are now avaliable on triple-CD retrospectives' -THAT'S NOT THE POINT!!! I want to hear them at their best - on vinyl, played on an LP12 Lingo.
And I have heard the Andy Weekes modded Lingo: it makes a huge difference.
Paul Gravett

The happy owner (now) has still to wait a few days
until the lingo is delivered.
The lingo from the second ad you posted is the one I bought - for 450 €!

Regarding mains:
I already bought an additional 5 m powercable to be able to plug the lingo in a different fuse circuit in my appartment.
As there are only two circuits, the lingo has to share the spur with the other electrical stuff in the kitchen.
Looking forward to having it
Happy Easter!


In my experience with the Lingo, your system will sound much better if the Lingo is on the same spur/circuit as the rest of the system. I would recommend trying it on the same circuit first (and leave it there for awhile - a Lingo requires a warm-up time as well). PRAT is better in this configuration IMO.

On a different note, I notice that you are in Munich. I will be visiting Munich in the summer (first time) and I was wondering if you could recommend any vinyl record stores there. My interest is in collectable classical and jazz.

Paul that £300 is the going rate for a mint-, boxed Lingo with all documentation. Any more could be justified only if you have no alternatives. My original Lingo was bought for around £300, and kept 2 years or so until my LP12 was written off in a bad accident (although Lingo was fine, being on another shelf at the time). I sold it again for the equivalent of £300. Free Hifi, as they say...

TC '..'
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Hi Paul!

There are a couple of vinyl store, one of them specialized in jazz. Failing in recalling the name of the store.
When I drop by there the next time i note name and address.
As the shop owner runs his business in his way, usually you give him a ring and ask whether he will be in at the time you want to be there - as customers drop by only occasionally and he often leaves the shop locked and is somewhere around.
I'll mail you his details (phone number, etc.) after coming back from easter skiing.
Would be happy to show you a favourite bar of mine - only a 5 minute stroll away from the jazz record shop.

> There are a couple of vinyl store, one of them specialized in jazz.
> Failing in recalling the name of the store.

dear guido,

did you think of bird's nest in the pestalozzi strasse?
best adress for 2nd hand jazz records in munich (afaik).
another good place to go is "der schallplattenladen" driven by stefan maierhofer, shop is close to the waldfriedhof (u6 holzapfelkreuth), opening hours should be tue - fri 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. and sat 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

hv fun


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