Mains radial cable recommendations

Hey Eagle4threes,

Please post your findings on Radial vs. Ring. This is not something I've ever considered but I've no doubt it could affect the sound quality.  I've always run Radials for my hi-fi but it would be easy to run a ring....just need to buy another run of cable. I'm anyway thinking of adding 2 more sockets  to my room so I'm really interested to know if the ring format brings sonic benefits.

Blackmorec - will do. I'm currently burning-in the new radial cable. Next Friday the ring will be loosely (not fixed to wall) installed next to it and I'll burn that in for a week. Latter will be 2.5mm sq ordinary cable sharing the hifi dedicated CSU. Same cable diameter as the main house ring, which is still sounding more musical to me than the radial on its Furutech stuff. Then I'll be able to A/B the two which will simply involve plugging from one to the other. 

Update :

The dedicated ring went in yesterday morning and now has 24 hrs draw time on it. Just sat down for some early A/B testing.

I've documented the difference between my radial and house ring and it's not a million miles from Geko's obs' earlier in this thread in terms of 'harsh' vs 'smooth' (though that was related to sockets.) The news is that the dedicated ring is much smoother than the dedicated radial. The radial SQ very obviously lacked mid bass scale, warmth, smoothness, space, airiness, soundstage size; it was compressed and analytical. All these obs' are made in comparison to SQ on the house ring. The dedicated ring replicates the musicality of the house ring but with the added benefit of what I'm pretty sure is a quieter background and slightly more presence of performers and instruments. I need to spend more time on a few different tracks to accurately quantify latter; but I don't need to spend any more time comparing to the radial. In my circumstances, the ring wins hands down.  

For anyone putting in a dedicated line, my personal conclusion is that there is a yawning difference between the SQ from a ring and a main. (Fyi - my house wiring is 10 years old and appears to have been done very well with no clicks from appliances etc. Though the lights dim momentarily when I turn on the animal amp.) Had I not discovered this; had I gone with a radial, I think I'd have grown to find my SQ fatiguing and started messing with hifi components in a bid to change it. It may, therefore, be worth loose-wiring a radial and a ring if time and logistics permit and comparing both before committing to the final, fixed instal. 'Source first' is often espoused; p'raps at a certain level it should be 'power first' given the degree of difference it truly makes. 

Sparks will come back next week and replace the fixed radial fix with a ring. I'll probably stick with the basic 2.5mm sq. run being used for the test as 4mm is the biggest he reckons can use for a ring and I'm not sure there'd be much discernible difference between the two. 

Thanks to all who contributed to this journey and especially Finkfan who suggested I try what I was too wood-for- trees to see myself. Hope it helps others. Anyone want 4m of very lovely Furutech cable?

Thanks for the update Eagle! Very interesting findings.

I’m fortunate enough to have my new office wired up separately to the main house too, so at some point I’ll unplugged everything from the dedicated radial and try my system on that. I felt the dedicated radial for me was a significant improvement over the house ring, but a dedicated ring I’ve not tried.

Excellent Fink! Would be interested in your findings. I think we can say that there is a very definite difference in SQ - in my context - between ring and radial and a little less so, but still very worthwhile, between a dedicated ring and house ring. Which presentation anyone else finds subjectively better over the other will be a matter of taste. I'm more than happy to now be looking for new music on Qobuz instead of researching MCB's and mains cable!

Yes, interesting outcome. When I compared my radial supply to the house ring the radial was overwhelmingly better. By comparison the house ring sounded flat, two dimesional and grainy. The dedicated radial was like changing to a power supply, all finely etched and detailed. Changing plug socket was interesting but that's another story.

Got me thinking that I might need to try the radial as a ring!

I bet of 10 people listening to the two in my set-up, 5 would prefer the ring and 5 would prefer the radial, Geko! My radial, too, is more 'finely etched'; but too 'etched' for my preferences. The ring is just as detailed but in a more liquid smooth way, more airy and more relaxing, for me. If it does what it does here, you might find a ring too 'soft' for your preferences, for want of a better word. Nice to have the option to fine tune in whichever direction you prefer, though  

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