Munich High End 2017

Hungryhalibut posted:
Bert Schurink posted:

Eating break during the show...


Has he just swallowed a pair of Sopras?

I'm quite sure Mr Richard Vandersteen would not be interested in chewing on any Sopra speakers when he has his own tasty models to satisfy his hunger!

sunbeamgls posted:
Bert Schurink posted:

This is a picture of the Audionet setup with Gauder Akustik speakers. An impressive warm sound. Provided by their "statement" amplification called Heisenberg...


I thought this worked far better than the AVM version.

"Audionet Heisenberg amplifier, Stern preamplifier, PAM G2 phonostage

Audionet of Germany brought forth a pair of late-stage prototype Heisenberg monoblocks ($105k/pr.) alongside a Stern preamp ($45k) and a PAM G2 phonostage ($20,200 with optional EPX power supply) in a sizzling-hot demo driving YG Acoustics Sonja XV speakers ($265,900/pr."


The Age Of Technology, just googled Heisenberg Amp.

Now, at those prices, I doubt they are on back-order status.

But who knows, perhaps someone may have been persuaded to put in an order in their mid level Range!

The 700 watt Statement gathering dust, whilst the 540 watt Heisenberg mono blocks were displaying the SQ of their Technologies!