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Gary Shaw posted:

2017 - Part One (Part Two or Three, as this took me forever, another day)

Gary - considered, informative and interesting (WHY might anyone be interested?).

I wish similar purpose could be shown in the "What are you listening to .... ) thread.

Although: I am a fan of the uncaptioned, untitled cover art - especially when that art is also artfully anonymous. A quantum package of information that approaches zero magnitude.

Nice work Gary. I will admit to having never heard of a single artist or album you posted. But perhaps that is the point.......

As I don’t keep a record of my plays I cannot give a definitive list, so this is really only my retrospective impression of my 10 most played records, in no particular order - but it probably really only represents the past 3 months. Of these only #1 is a new release this year, and 1, 4, 8 & 9 were new to me this year.

  1. Roger Waters – Is this the life we really need?
  2. Roger Waters – Ca Ira
  3. Marillion – Script for a Jester’s Tear
  4. Vivaldi – Cantatas – Bellezza Crudel, Tone Wik & Barokkanerne (2L)
  5. Grieg – Peer Gynt op23 full version with vocals - San Francisco Orch., Herbert Blomstedt (Decca London)
  6. Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
  7. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (1st album)
  8. Tarja Turunen – Beauty and the Beat
  9. Blackmore’s Night – The Village Lanterne
  10. Deep Purple – Deep Purple (self-titled 3rd album)
Gary Shaw posted:

Um. So far I've bought 129 albums that were first released this year (which I'm taking as my criteria as otherwise I'd just give up). I've whittled that down to a short (!) list of 37 (one per artist, and some cruel exclusions), which I'll work into a readable list with a breakdown by genre and a couple of words to give guidance and hopefully links/videos where available.

I may be some time.

Wow, that is serious collecting! Even in my peak collecting years I never found even half that number of albums to buy in one year - it must be a full-time job searching things out! I don’t know whether to be envious, or glad that my musical taste and appetite for new is much more restricted! 

Gary Shaw posted:

I wasn’t being deliberately obscure. I like old stuff too, but I’m also a new music junkie. And the world is awash with new music.

Spot on. There's always something to discover, and that's why posts like your ones above are very helpful.

I would have much better playback equipment if I didn't spend so much money on music! 

Part 4.

Bubblemath - Edit Peptide

The best Palindrome (title) release of the year! Lots going on here & a must for all you prime number, time signature freaks. I've got bored with most 'Prog' music, but this is well made & interesting. Not sure whether 15 years between albums has helped the band, but it sure makes The Blue Nile seem prolific  


Cheer Accident - Putting Off Death

This is my third CA album (others - No Ifs, Ands or Dogs + Fear Draws Misfortune) & the most interesting so far. The contrast between tracks 1 & 2 demonstrate the breadth of the bands songwriting.

With a band spanning 3 decades, there's more to explore & here's where to look -

Oxbow - Thin Black Duke

Another band with 3 decades of experience to drawer on and my first album by them. Aggressive vocals/guitar & a nice change from the chamber & contemporary classical music I've mainly purchased this year. Another group to explore with Bandcamp. 


Pugwash - Silverlake

My favourite 'Pop' album of the year. Recorded in Jason Falkner's studio ( who plays wonderfully), Thomas Walsh sings with joy & has found a creative partner in Jason, who has all the Powerpop chops you could wish for. It's Summer all year round listening to this 

The Perfect Summer

What Are You Like (with Matt Berry)


An informative review  - 

In case you're interested, here's my Bandcamp collection - DenisA 

Here is my list...

I think the stand out record of 2017 is Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley

It gets a picture as its reward! 

Ten points! Well Done!


Some others I liked (in no particular order):

  • Thievery Corporation - The Temple of I&I
  • Best Girl Athlete - Best Girl Athlete
  • Derelicts - Carbon Based Lifeforms
  • Dreadzone - Dread Times
  • Martin Nonstatic - Ligand
  • Melanie De Biasio - Lillies
  • St Vincent - Masseduction
  • Goldfrapp - Silver Eye
  • Marnie - Strange Words and Weird Wars
  • London Grammar - Truth is a Beautiful Thing
  • Tricky - Ununiform
  • Roger Waters - Is This The Life We Really Want?


Artists I became aware of (and like!) this year:

  • Blank & Jones
  • ARC (thanks to Stevee_S)
  • Maria Callas (thanks to Qobuz bonkers cheap price)
  • Halle Orchestra (thanks to BBC music mag)
  • Ten Years After
  • Sandy Denny
Gary Shaw posted:

2017 - Part Three (This segment brought to you courtesy of Voltarol and numerous ice-packs)

Space/Stoner Rock (Needless to say all need to be played very loud)

Oulu Space Jam Collective - Deep Harpalonia

Finnish hippie space cadets (much in the vein of Oresund Space Collective) that specialise in long live jams, the content of which is determined by the group members at the time. In this case the basic drums/bass/guitar are augmented by sitar and melotron (sadly fake, but who cares) and on the video a nice lady dancing with a hoop.

Often with this type of music, the attention wanders after a bit, but here they keep the atmosphere going for an hour. If you like this try also Harvest Sage.

Bandcamp Link

 Samsara Blues Experiment - One With The Universe

Good old fashioned 70s-style stoner rock from Germany. Their whole catalogue is excellent and this is well up to standard.

Bandcamp Link

Space Debris - Behind The Gate

More German heavy rock. This time instrumental with lashings of Hammond organ and Hendrix-cum-Trower guitar.

Bandcamp Link

The Spacelords - Water Planet

Definitely something in the water in Germany these days. Drums, bass, guitar, swooshy synths. Instrumental. Psychedelic hard rock in an Earthless style. If this appeals go next to their “synapse” album and whack Pyroclastic Monster up loud.

Bandcamp Link

Lamagaia - S/T

Swedish. If you like early Hawkwind’s take on space/krautrock, then this is there or thereabouts. Mostly instrumental.

Bandcamp Link

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Feed The Rats

English (hooray, I hear some say). Brutal, no-nonsense stoner metal that says “Yes, we’ve listened to a lot of early Black Sabbath and Motorhead!”. This is the short track off the album.

Bandcamp Link


Though I bought a fair few classical albums this year they were, with this one exception, released prior to 2017, so didn’t count.

Víkingur Ólafsson : Philip Glass: Piano Works

This might be a bit of a revelation to those who think Glass’s piano work is one-dimensional.  Here Ólafsson takes a goodly sample and puts them in a new light without taking too many liberties with them. Beautifully recorded too. Recommended to fans of Glass as well as those dipping a toe in the minimal water.

Absolutely No Idea What These Are

Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James McAlister – Planetarium

Planetarium was originally a modern classical piece written by Nico Muhly and subsequently turned into something quite different (in parts) by Stevens and Dessner. Consequently it’s very diverse but rocky bits, and Sufjan-y bits, electronic bits and orchestral bits. This makes it a bit cifficult to get hold of on the first few listens, but after that it fits together really well.

I’ll post a few videos to give a little perspective…

And lastly this live one of the more out-there bits…

 Charlie Cawood - The Divine Abstract

Brought to you courtesy of DenisA, without whose live adventures this place and my music collection would be a lot duller. Not a clue as to categorising this, but it’s instrumental, a mixture of all sorts of things Eastern and Western. The closest I can come is Penguin Café.

No videos, but I urge you to gallop over to Bandcamp.

Bandcamp Link

Aquaserge  - Laisse ça être

There’s something about French music…this is a bit pop, a bit prog, a bit psychedelic, a bit mad. A bit Albert Marcoeur, a bit Stereolab. No one track is exactly the same style as another, yet it makes a whole. Another contender for album of the year.

Bandcamp Link

Re-issue Of The Year

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Especially the 24/96 version. This remix simply transforms it and even more than normal serves as a Tardis, taking me back 50 years. Sigh.

Not Bad, But Expected Much Better

All Them Witches – Sleeping Through War

Very good musically, appalling production (compressed, loud)

Steven Wilson – To The Bone

A little lacking in the usual Wilson magic


That's it. And well done if you got this far without shouting "Pseud!"

Lots of stuff here that I may not not like but much more that I never knew I would.

Gary’s the man.

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