Naim and the new Spendor Classics

For a start you have a great system there ND5XS is an extremely underrated player and a bit of a bargain,  paired with a SN2 it must sound excellent.  As far as speakers are concerned if you are looking for fast and articulate bass then Dynaudio would also be a make that I would at least look into they make speakers right across most budgets and would sound great with your particular set up.

Hi Daniel,

From what I can gather the Motive SX range are in high praise by everyone, I have not come across one negative comment on any of them so far, they all seem to be universally liked. Some say the SX2 are the sweet spot of the range albeit in the right sized room (small to medium) where they shine.

I did run a pair of Naim Credo speakers for twenty years and really enjoyed those but when I moved my system into a smaller room the Credos were just to big, physically as well as sonically. After reading some reviews and talking with my dealer i decided to try a pair of Neat Motive SX2 speakers at home. I instantly liked them, they have a cheeky way about them in that they just make one enjoy the music. To me, they have great timing abilities, beautifully toned with a sweet treble and great dynamics. I would say that they are not the most detailed speaker out there and their bass can be just a little on the boxy side but it is hardly noticeable and forgivable. My girlfriend instantly liked them too and a year later I still have them. I find them very musical in that they make your feet tap and tend to put a grin on my face with very little fatigue, you can listen to music for hours on end without ever becoming uninterested.

I not sure how they would behave in a big room however so maybe this where the SX1 would come in...

Naim & Neat are regarded as a very good pairing, I will say give them a go, you may be pleasantly surprised!

One other thing to take into account is that they need plenty of running in, when new they sound compressed but change dramatically once run in.

Hope this helps.

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