Naim and Zingali Overture 3 Speaker

Does anyone have experience with the Zingali line of Speakers? Overture (3 / 4) or the HM series (112 / 115) with Naim equipment? Very little information is available on this speaker. How well does the Zingali speakers work with Naim equipment? Tube amplifiers? I currently use a Naim front end with mono tube amplifiers. I am considering purchasing a 200. Checking on speakers that will work with either the 200 or my Manley 300B PP/SE amps. Current speaker are Coincident Victory.
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Originally posted by Richard Brown:
Not really sure that Naim amps are the best choice for ultra efficient speakers.

Why would Naim have a problem or not be the "best choice" with Ultra efficient speakers? I am not a big fan of reviews but the Naim system was one of the best on Coincident Total Victory (97dB - 10 ohm).

The Zingali Speakers are:
Overture 3 - 93dB/6 ohms
Overture 4 - 94dB/6 ohms
HM112 - 97dB/8 ohms
HM115 - 98dB/8 ohms

I would be very interested in anyone who has heard the Zingali speaker in any system and what they think. Wish I had a dealer in my area. I do not have a Naim or Manley dealer in my area but I still bought the equipment. In 1980 I bought a LP12 and had it sent to me (took some practice but I can set up a LP12 as good as any dealer). The Zingali is one speaker I am thinking of changing to.

Other ideas for Naim 200 and Manley 300B?
Well one problem is that Naim volume controls often have a channel imbalance at low levels and you may need to turn the wick up some way before this clears itself. With very efficient speakers you might be listening at higher levels than you'd like before you're free of this effect. Another problem is that Naim amps aren't the quitest available, so with very efficient speakers hiss could become quite intrusive. You don't really need a lot of power with the speakers you have proposed, but as I say you really need to listen for yourself and reach your own conclusions.

I think the volume imbalance issue was limited to amps lower down the range (because the better pots that didn't suffer from this were too expensive - e.g. my nait 3 suffered, my 32.5 doesn't). However, naim's entry level models don't suffer now either, since the introduction of the resistor ladder volume control (one of the reasons for which was at that price point it outperformed a pot).


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