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My 282 is configured to use the rca sockets through the cd input.  This is how I currently use it.  I have now bought a new interconnect with a 5 pin DIN plug and want to do a side by side comparison with the old cable.  If I understand the 282 manual correctly, when the 282 is programmed to use the rca inputs then the corresponding DIN socket is isolated.  Therefore, swapping the cables through the same input (cd) will take a few minutes while I run through the programming mode etc.  Are there any differences between the cd, tuner, tape etc inputs? If there are, then it would not be a very successful comparison!  If not, it will be far easier to do.

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Whenever making a comparison, never have both items connected up at the same time - especially if both have the signal earth connected to system earth (if so, neither will sound its best and you may wonder why bother).  Always physically swap over connections.  This also prevents you doing the worst thing of all which is quick chopping and changing between sources - that will just confuse you as you tend to focus on cosmetics rather than the actual music itself.  You need to listen to a piece all the way through (or at least for a few minutes).  Then do again with the other item. Pick whichever moves you the most and gets you closest to the music.

People disagree whether inputs differ.  Enough have said they should not/do not differ that I would do what you are thinking:  configure CD to use DIN and e.g. Tuner to use RCA, and connect your player to one or the other, not both at the same time.  To be absolutely sure, you could do another trial with opposite settings.

Let us know your findings.

I wonder if setting one input to RCA impacts all of the other DINs.  Only one way to find out.


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All inputs, except for AV, will sound the same - they are in fact the same.

Based on?   I don't necessarily disagree but just wondered what the basis of this is.




All are line-level inputs with  75 mV, 47 kOhm specs. Also based on my own experience with NAC 282, NAC 252 and SN2.

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Folklore suggests using the tuner input for your CD player and that is what I do. Too lazy to compare though. CDS3 into 252. I trust my dealer in all things setup and am happy to leave well alone.


Funny, I went straight to the tuner input.  Isn’t it funny how these myths get into our memories

I have my phono stage into tuner input because both are analogue and my dac into cd becuase both are digital I don't know if it makes any difference or any sense for that matter but there is a lateral logic to it.  If I had a cd and had to explain to my other half that it was plugged into a tuner socket because it sounded better I think she might hit me over the head with something heavy.

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