Rumour has it there will be three power supplies required. One for the dedicated tablet which hosts the new app. They will all only work on individual mains looms done in SuperLumina mains cable (also to be announced rumour has it) into dedicated SuperLumina mains power boards. This all has to installed by a certified Naim installer from England. (Not included in the price). The new components also require suspension in the new SuperFraim. So rumour has it.  


It needs three supplies: one for the pure Analogue, one for the pure Digital and one for the internal D to A transition circuits.

Then all will be good and everyone happy.

...and it needs to be powered off one supply to get people hooked and begin to crave the upgrade to two then three 555PS - then the special 555NDPS supply.


Gavin L posted:

If the cost is not barrier enough, I have to agree that the number of boxes might be the final barrier.   If it was 3 boxes, then it really becomes hard to also run a CD555, which would really be a big shame, given the investment many might have in the humble CD.  (Yes, I know they could all be transferred to FLAC or similar, but would be a shame).

If it is really that phenomenal I could get past the cost barrier, but not the box barrier. There is zero chance I would buy a 3 box streamer, absolutely zero. It isn't like their other streamers are not quite good and that the Linn KDS isn't one of the best streamers out and only requires one box. I hope they rethink their strategy, even for those that can afford the best, the aesthetics and practicality are a absolutely huge consideration. It has to be able to fit comfortably in your listening room or it won't fly.

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