nServe Edit option gone

Hi Chris

I just checked on my iPad and the Edit button is still there on the line where the Album title is displayed.

Did you have a look at some other albums and did they also have the edit button missing?

Just a thought, is this Sigur Ros album a download in the Download folder of the Unitiserve? Of course that cant be edited via nServe..

Apart from that though I cant think of another reason.

Hi There,

You can only edit albums that you have ripped and that are on your music store, so it is likely that the album in question is one on a network share or USB drive that was ripped elsewhere. If you browse by "Devices" in the app you should be able to see the different devices attached to your system and then view the albums on your music store - these should all be editable

I looked around my CD library, which was entirely ripped using the UnitiServe, and none of my CDs have the edit feature.  It's gone.  

I also checked the devices (third image) and selected CD library to ensure I'm looking at the correct file.  

TJ, was nServe recently updated without the edit feature?  


Chris Bell posted:

Everything is in a SHARE.  

Something went wrong then. You will need one STORE folder in order to rip new CDs.

If you know what you're doing it is possible to create a new STORE folder and move your older rips to that STORE. Then point your UnitiServe to this new STORE. Editing should be possible.

I'm not sure what software you are using to display the list of shares?

I would probably use the Windows Desk Top Controller to see what is set as a Music Store, but if you are all Apple then that isn't going to work for you, but I think N-Serve for Mac has similar features to the Windows DTC.  I don't think you can do anything with N-Serve for IOS or using the web interface....



Using dtc (desktop client) for Windows select the 'tools' tab, or with n-serve for Mac click on the Serve name in the top left corner and choose 'maintenance' from the drop down list. 

Go into 'manage music shares', find the share that you want to promote as a 'store', and click on the button labelled 'use as a store'. 

If this doesn't work you may need to contact your dealer or Naim support.