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I have been immersed in the world of hifi and Naim for many years and have owned many different components. I needed very little support but when I did, an email to headquarters took care of it. More recently I installed a Unitiserve and needed more extensive technical support to rip my cd collection to a NAS.  I then acquired an ND5XS and needed more help, particularly with the metadata.

In both cases, Phil at headquarters referred me to Eric at Plurison. For those not familiar. Plurison distributes Naim in Canada and provides both repair and technical support services. Eric applies a very high level of knowledge and expertise that is a credit to both Plurison and Naim.  He went beyond the "call of duty" both times and leaves me with a high degree of confidence in the Naim support network.

My advice to all who are baffled (or otherwise stymied): Call for help! It's there. Thanks Eric. 


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Good to know,I also live in Canada,when I first got my Core,I overfilled the SSD drive,and it did not seem to let me do anything at that point.Thanks to fellow members here(David Hendon) I eventually sorted my way through it.I tried sending an email to Naim at one point,but did not get a reply quick enough,so David got me sorted.Later MANU I believe was his name,jumped on my thread,offering his help,I thought he was also from Plurison?Do you have the phone number,or email address for Eric,just in case I have problems again?Not sure if that would break any forum rules,since it is Naim related?

Hi No Quarter

I think you are best to go through Naim Audio at: support@naimaudio.com

I am not sure of their internal processes but from my experience, headquarters responds quickly and assigns support to Plurison in Canada when appropriate.  As a client I would want headquarters in the loop anyhow.  Your dealer should be a good first line of support too, even when you may have purchased used gear.

Most dealers understand that purchases on the used market bring people into the Naim world and facilitate upgrade pathways in the retail market too.

The growing importance of digital media  has created new technical challenges and it's hard for some local dealers to keep up, particularly when it comes to servicing issues.


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