Post office shares

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They go on sale to the general public in a few weeks time !!

I was thinking of having a punt on these shares.

Any of you whizz kids got any views on this ?

Do you mean Royal Mail shares?


Personally I wouldn't touch 'em with a bargepole - assuming the sell-off goes ahead that is. This is just another of a cretinous government's really cretinous ideas, to be filed alongside HS2, Trident, Help To Buy and putting our kids' education in the hands of Michael Gove.


If the Royal Mail is sold off we will eventually "enjoy" the same superb service we get from the privatised utility companies: low prices, wonderful customer service and easy-to-understand tariffs. And people in remote or rural areas won't be getting deliveries just three days a week, or paying extra. No Siree.



Overall I'm with you Kevin, RM is now making substantial profits so obviously the best time to sell it to us again.


Perhaps time for HMG to learn something as the only profitable Rail company,(ignoring massive incentives paid to the others) then the recently re-state owned East Coast mainline should be the model?

Hello Kevin

From your reply and me being supa clever I am going to take that as a NO from you.

I agree with you 100% about selling off  our Gas,Electric,etc,etc was wrong,but going into private hands the shares in these companies have gone up,and my thinking is that if its going to be sold off anyway then I may as well try and make a few bob out of it.

mista h

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