Speaker Pairing for Naim Nait 1

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My Uncle very graciously gave me his old Naim Nait 1 a few months ago, recently i got it refurbished at the Naim Authorised service center Class A and it sounds better than ever! However I'm looking for some (most likely used) speakers to go with it! I've heard some older Missions may go well with it? Any thoughts on what speakers would compliment the amp would be great!





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Speakers of the period that were often paired with the little Nait were, in no particular order; Monitor Audio R252, BLQ 1, Royd A7, Dean Alto, Keesonic Kub, Mordaunt-Short MS10, Boston A40, Mission 70, Goodmans Maxim2, JPW P1, Heybrook HB1.  Sometimes this would stretched to the next level or two upwards, i.e. Linn Kan, Heybrook HB2, Diesis Solitaire, Royd Eden, M-S MS20, but only if the source was top-notch.  Either way, the Nait demands the best source you can afford and you would do well to make sure of this before stretching to better speakers.  The original Nait could be pretty ruthless with weaker sources and playing into speakers like the Heybrook HB1 or Linn Kan.  All the speakers mentioned above should be used on good quality stands.

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My source will be a 2nd hand Cyrus CD Player, this will be the best source I'll have at my disposal!


In terms of the speakers would it be the case of finding a well looked after pair that haven't been mistreated? Is it worth seeking out a pair in good condition and trying them out instead of seeking newer speakers which haven't been paired? Such as the Mission 751's for example...





I haven't used a Nait 1. But my serious hi-fi journey started with a Nait 3. I paired it first with Royd Minstrels, and then Royd Abbots. Both sets of speakers sounded great, but it was the Royd Abbots that really won my heart.


In the demo room at my local dealer, I have also heard Rega Elas on the back of a Nait3. The Rega Elas were very clean sounding. The Royd Abbots were warmer. I could live with either.


All the speakers I have mentioned could only be found secondhand. But I reckon you could probably get them quite cheap.





The problem will be finding people/shops with these speakers nearby to test secondhand! Thank you very much for all your input. I am currently stuck with Wharfedale Linton GX's, they are very flat and very old with not much life left in them unfortunately. The upgrade is very much needed; i will search around to see if anyone has these going.


If there are any other speakers anyone could recommend of a more modern creation to consider that would also be helpful!


Many Thanks!

Well done Freddie.  The MS10s were a cracking little speaker and I'm sure that if they're in good condition they still do the business today.  Not bad for a fiver!  I hope you have some decent stands for them - Linn Kan stands work well -  it will make a big difference.

Absolutely! The owner explained how he purchased them new in 1983 and taken good care of them; this is noticeable, without even a scratch on the vinyl and of course the great sound quality! I've been to Sevenoaks a while back to try out some speakers and the Mordaunt Short's easily rival some of them, possibly even surpassing them in some areas! I currently do not have any stands to my name, these will be my next endeavor to find!