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I'm looking to add a SuperCap to my SuperLine. This, however, raises some interesting questions about my two stacks of Fraim.

At present I have the following:

[TV Screen on wall]


RP 10                                                         552

Superline                                                  552 PS

TT PS                                                          555 PS

                                                                   555 PS

500                                                            500 PS

(500 is on intermediate level shelf, so I've indicated the height as double above.)

Now where does the SuperCap go? Some simple and probably very wrong solutions:

(1) Move TT PS up next to Superline, put SuperCap on the third shelf down (probably causing all sorts of bad sound interactions) ;

(2) Put SuperCap on new shelf under Superline, above TT PS (least bad alternative?);

(3) Put a 7th shelf on the right hand stack (not what Naim would suggest).

An extra shelf on the left will mean moving the tv screen. I thought of swapping the RP 10 with the NDS, for instance, but that would probably mean moving the 552 as well to get the Turntable PS  close to the RP 10. And it still doesn't indicate where the SuperCap goes. If it goes, for instance, between the Superline and 500, I'll probably need to move the tv screen even higher, since the cat likes to sleep on the NDS.

Other solutions (a third stack, moving the TT to a wall mount) are not available.

I'm thinking this is getting to be a problem of moving the fox, goose, and bag of beans across the river. There should be a solution -- I just can't see it.


Original Post

I have a TV on the wall behind the system too but my two stacks would both obscure the screen if too high. When I changed turntables last year I took the TV down to see if I could move it up on its bracket (the part that bolts on to the TV), I managed one slot higher but any more would either need the bottom of the bracket adjusting with a hack saw or moving the wall mounted portion, niether of which I’m very keen on particularly the latter. With the lid on it’s just level with the bottom of the screen if I sit as upright as possible on the sofa which I don’t do, can’t say I find loosing the bottom cm of the left side of the screen a problem on the whole; my wife hasn’t comented either which is more important.

So the first question, have any scope to move the screen up a bit?

Now to the stacks, there are a couple of things I found troublesome when I installed the 500. initially I put it’s ps on the right bottom shelf and the head unit on the bottom left, this puts its Burndys on the carpet which I wasn’t keen on and found moving the 500 ps up the stack improved the sound a bit but when I sent it off for a service and DRing the 250 sounded livelier in my system. Upon its return I was looking forwward to it slaughtering the 250 but it didn’t, the liveliness went away again. The 500ps was sat on a shelf that put its bottom plate level with the top plate of the 552 on the left stack, moving the 552 up to the shelf under the record deck swapping with a CDX2 brought the liveliness back. 

You need another shelf on the left to put the 552 under the TT, can you move the TV up the wall far enough to get away with this? You can then rearrange the right stack to get all the Burndys off the floor and to accommodate the supercap, put the 500 ps on the fourth shelf up if you can do this. The lightest power supplies should go on the shelves higher than the 500ps with the NDS on the top right as now.

Thanks, Yeti! Moving the 552 to the left stack with a new level under the TT seems to be the easiest solution, then put the SuperCap in the space freed on the right. Will play with power supply arrangement as needed with the Burndies. Of course, this does require moving the tv up, but I think I should be able to do that with the help of my electrician.

This thread is also of great interest for me.  Went the same way and put a supercap on my superline. How about this starcking order ( willsolv that no bunnies will touch the floor and each other ):

Right: RP 10 / 552/ superline /NDS/  500   put the tt ps on the floor

Left :  500 Ps / 555ps/555 ps/ supercap / 552 ps


Very interesting what you write about your 500 ps placement experience. What is your conclusion in the end ? Does it mean it need to be placed on the lower right stack ?  How is the Artemis/ Schroeder doing ? Remember you order it from Frank last year. 

The 500 ps business was when I still had the Rock and Aro in the system.

The Artemis/Reference? more fluid than a Aro, let alone Jeff Beck, but with sweetness, body and a natural sounding dynamics. It too a while to find the sweet spot mind, it’s quite a narrow adjustment where that extra bit of magic happens, at least with a proteus at the sharp end. The slight downside is that high piano notes sometimes ring out a bit too much on some recordings. I can’t cure that by adjusting the arm without it getting less interesting to listen to but I’ll explore elsewhere in the system for a cure once I’ve got the digital side sorted which I hope will be later this year. In the mean time I can live with it as it’s not unheard in live concerts and its not all piano recordings, just too many to be right. Something is injecting a resonance, I’ve heard a similar effect from a power cable touching a rack before so it could easily be a setup issue.

Ideally I want to avoid putting a streamer between the superline and 500 head unit or moving the latter up to directly below the former but that depends on being able to ditch the tuner.

Sorry for late reply Yeti42,

sounds exciting with the Artemis/Reference. I just rebuild my Dps 3 and my Schroeder got a new wiring. So waiting for my magical moments ahead. Good to hear that you combo works out for you. I remember you had a give back possibility ?

Regarding the placement of the 500 : You mention it related to the aro /rock combo. Dit it disappear when you swapped to the new TT ? It is not my intention to hire a thread, but i am very interested in the subject "stacking order" keen to hear other member experiences. I know we are in the potential need to spread our gear on 3 frame stacks instead of 2, since we own 500 gear and to max it out we most probable should do. But i don t have the space for that and i don t want to build too much in hight either. Would you share the stacking order of you gear here ?

I decided now for this solution ( mostly because of the burned length ) , but very open for  some suggestion within my constelation ( i can t install wall shelf for my TT though ) :

right train : DPS TT / 552 / superline/ 500 on own small frames and 500 on middle high

left : 500ps/ supercap dr / 552 ps / Linn DS


Many thanks !

With the 500 ps where it is now in relation to it's head unit and the 552 there is no issue to disappear. What will happen when Naim bring out their next top streamer/DAC and I try and fit it in without any room for another shelf I don't know. The problem was before I moved the 552 up a shelf and was revealed by the 250-2 being more enjoyable than the 500.

I have the secondary counterweight on my referance, I'd never have got near the optimum adjustment with just the big one. I suspect I didn't with the sKale on my Aro either, there might have been a chance using the standard counterweight at the cost of a raised noise floor but I never tried it after the proteus was fitted.

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