Which is the album of Sting with better audio quality? I love Sting but can not quite appreciate the quality of its studio recording. Much better the live concert in Blu Ray.

My favorite songs are Stolen Car, All would envy, Shape of my heart

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Salmon Dave posted:

He is a self-important twerp, who's written some cringeworthy lyrics, but his records sound lovely - whole of Blue Turtles and Brand New Day.

For me Sting is one of the best musician of all the times regardless of musical genre although many of is work I did not liked , for example the last album I find it boring 

One of the best sounding vinyl albums I still go back to is "The Soul Cages". Recorded in QSound - a short-lived format from A&M Records - it sounds fantastic on my  LP12/Nait3/Ela system. Containing some of his best (and moving) songs, based on his father's life in the North-East, it never really had the credit it deserves. Not sure if he ever plays any of its songs in recent years. Well worth seeking out, assume the CD sounds just as good.

I liked The Police and then he broke off.  Then I liked the early mellower sound but haven't followed him in a long time.  I did see him sing several songs from Three Penny Opera years ago and thought "oh no, stick to your own songs".  His voice can't carry much range more than his own lyrics.  When you are on the world stage and so successful you get a swelled head.  Ah well, wish I had that problem, at least the successful part.

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