supercap 2

I'm afraid i strayed from the path a few years ago and now have a Melco N1a into a Devialet 220 Pro and Shahinian Compass speakers. 

Be careful with the 252. Some really like it and some don't so i'd caution against buying one without auditioning. It's a great pre-amp, don't get me wrong, but it's one you really need to hear against a 282 in your own room and system when you want to move up from the 202. 


Well, I entered the world of Naim Three years ago. 

All pre-loved gear.

2008/282-2014/HCDR-2012/250.2- 2014/200

Passive Bi Amped Briks

Upgraded to 2 Stack 7 Tier Fraimlite

Upgraded to Passive Tri-Amped Briks

{250.2 x 3} sold the unregulated Nap 200

Surprisingly, the Fraimlite was equivalent to the Black Box upgrades!


No experience with Naim Gear, and in the States, we don't have Tom Toms, Signals, etc...

Besides the help of the Forum, An convincing argument and Naim's 2007 Debut of its Reference CDP SOLD ME on the 282.

"But if I must, the gentleman, that sold me on the 282, his argument went (something) like:
I've had it all, waist of time, and hard cold cash. If, I had to do it all over again, I'd grab the first 282 that came along & hitch it to a SC, then wait for a sweetheart of a deal on a 552.
Now that 282, she won't resolve everything, but the difference would be so subtle, 99% of the Audiophiles in your State, couldn't tell the difference!"
Well, it went something like that! LOL.....
2007 CES Naim Debut:
CD 555>282>Snaxo 362s>SC>Dibbles!
Need I say more.
Enjoy Your Music!
PS. Dear Forum, Thanks for Your Guidance, Sounds Great to me!
And I'm not Active, Yet!
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