Tellurium Black Diamond vs Hi Line

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I have an Hi Line and I'm evaluating to move to TQ black diamond interconnect Din-Din. I alreday have TQ Ultra black speaker cable and I'm very satisfied. I moved from Naca 5 to TQ black to Ultra black speaker cable and I have always found a big step forward. Now I'm curious to try also an IC Black diamond but I cannot try it before comparing with Hi Line. Can you tell me what can I expect? How is the difference in the bass area? I'm afraid to get a too much warm sound than Hi Line but I'd like to improve fluidity sound and treble extension.

Thank you guys!

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I'm a TQ black dimaond din owner and have had it for a few years now between CDX2 and SN. I found it to be a fantasticly neutral cable allowing every little detail to come through. I compared a few TQ interconnects before buying it. I tried black rcas, ultra black rcas, black din but eventually got an amazing deal on a used black diamond din. The black diamond sounds smooth, natural, detailed and to my ears sound very 'right'. Having said that, the black din isn't a million miles away and is considerably less money. 

Thank you Finkfan for your feedback,

I'm already satisfied of my Hi-Fi system but I've never tried another IC cable than Hi-Line and I'm curious to know what may be the difference between TQ DIN and Hi Line. You said that TQ black diamond is very smooth and natural and I'm afraid that it may be less exciting of Hi-Line. Anyway I do not want more bass and roll off on the high frequency.

As it seems you cannot hear it before you buy, the sensible thing to do would be to wait until you can get hold of a used one. Then try it at home and sell whichever of the wires you like least, hopefully at no loss. 

Alternatively, as you say you are happy with your setup, do nothing. There will always be something better. 

damy79 posted:

Thank you John for your feedback, can you tell me what about bass? TQ has more bass or less?Because I do not want to gain bass response more than Hi-Line.

It has neither more nor less .. the bass is clearer and better defined, more focused.  I found this to be true especially with drums but there was a perceptible improvement in sound with lower register instruments like cello and double bass.  

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