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after a resonable period in which I didn't suffer any upgraditis attack, and I just bought vynil,I think it's time for me to take some nice stuff to my system.Four years ago I demoed a pair of PMC 24 at my local Naim dealer in Milan and liked them a lot.Last week  the seller told me that new range PMC Twenty5-24 were worth a listening and so I booked a demo after Easter.Im also considering a new DV XX2 Mk2 for my Gyrodec replacing my BM Glyder.Question is:would be better to purchase the 5-24 alone or the 5-23/DV XX2 combo?Listening room is 9x5 m.I think that the demo will  tell me more about this but your opinions are welcome as well.Thank you.

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Thanks everybody.Tricky,no,my two Hicaps are not DR d,yours is an interesting opinion:I haven't take a look at hi fi corner for a long time and I fogotten about DR upgrades.I for sure will ask my dealer.I m also considering the 282 upgrade,as you suggest.Thanks MDS,Lindsay.Bob,  I m considering  your opinion too.Will let you know.

Of course it could,Mark.I would say IT IS an expensive trip,expecially for me in Italy.Anyway I think I'll purchase it from new,when I decide.I used to save some money purchasing used gear in the past,but now I want It new,I want to demo it at an official Naim dealer,relaxing and decide what to do.Also my dealer is in my home town fortunately.I will have a beautiful hi end product with a big value and its official warranty.Ciao

Hi all.282 is on its way.Apart of selling my old 202,I think I will keep my old NAPSC even if a brand new one is arriving with the 282.A Headline is on my mind.It could be powered by the NAPSC,right?I currently have a Grado SR 80 and Project Head Box II combo.Will NAPSC and Headline be a significant upgrade and how?Are there different Headline specs I must pay attention to?

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