Uniti Atom: first use...and first issues as well

Hi All Naim lover,

After read Bouba experience with Naim Uniti Atom (HDMI ver), I know that we have reach the same problem.

My problem is:

While listening (i.e. TV , Bluray , USB , Tidal, etc.) , the system will drop out initially the Right channel , then about 1 ~ 2 mins , the Left channel out too. The drop out was not related to loudness of volume.

After about 3 mins, both channel up again. Seems a "watchdog" mechanism is bulid-in to the system software, it will awake the amplify section of Atom. Besides, pressing the power for few seconds for a hard reboot , also fix this problem.

It occurs randomly, but with 5~6 hours continues listening, it will come out at least 2 times.

At 1st, I think it may be the software problem (as I buy it on 2017-July, the 1st batch of shippment), after upgraded to latest ver.2.3, the problem still exist.

My Setup:

Naim Uniti atom (non HDMI ver. , with original Naim PowerLite which come out of box) , with plenty space for machine Cooling

Neat Acoustics Elite SX speaker

Naim NACA5 speaker cable.

LAN cable connect to router.

Coaxial Cable (for Bluray player) , Optical cable (for TV)

USB HDD at the back.




Richard, my TV is "Sony Bravia KD65XE9305". I didn't notify NAIM yet, because I'm sure it is small software problem and will be fixed with future updates.

Also, I've noticed, If I change the volume a little bit (for example, from 40 to 41 and back to 40) the countdown renews. I mean, If I do not change the volume, the right speaker disconnects after ~2 hours, but If after 1 hour I will change the volume like I said, then the right channel will be off 2 hours starting from the volume change. So overall that would be 3 hours .

So I think changing the volume do some kind of "reset" or something.

Sad to hear others are having the same issues. 

Well, on my side, since my last visit, I received a brand new Atom replacement for my unit from my dealer. He told me that naim simply found the unit was faulty. 

So my new Atom came 2 weeks ago and seems to be from the latest batch, brand new, but guess what, I'm still having exactly the same issues again and again. The unit is still playing music just fine though. 

Naim was kind enough to replace the unit but now even my dealer is speechless. So to me this is definitively not a hardware issue. 

Kudos to naim for having replaced my unit after 2 returns to my dealer's shop, than to Focal, however the problem is still there.  So I do hope they'll investigate to find a solution, otherwise it's pointless to buy something intended not only to play music but also to be connected to a TV set. 

To me on the list of issues with the Atom, this is top priority for a fix. 

I had exactly the same issue with my first Atom - one of the first units delivered in Germany last August - right channel would drop after crackling sound, followed by left. Sometimes both at once. This only occurred when watching TV after several hours - optical in (no HDMI). Took the unit back in early October (at the time there were no posts about the issue) and it was immediately replaced (thanks to the Naim distributor MusicLine and my AD here in Hamburg). 

The second unit apparently had a faulty wiring harness (see my post from Jan 16) and became non-responsive after a few weeks. The unit was repaired by MusicLine here in Germany. Got it back and now the channel dropping is happening again! Just like the original unit! 

So far it only happens when watching TV. I have a Sony Bravia XBR55X850B using a Van den Hul Toslink connection. 

This issue has cost me a considerable amount of time and frustration, and I'm really growing tired of schlepping faulty Atoms back and forth. 

Please get this sorted, Naim. 

If a customer says he has a problem with a NAIM product, the first thing the dealer should do is exchange the product.  That's why they have such a high dealer markup - customer service.   After my poor experiences with my NAIM dealer here in the US, I won't be buying anything else from him (after spening over $30,000 on Naim equipment over the last 10 years), which probably means I won't be buying any future NAIM products.

Also, I noticed another problem in Uniti Atom - hiss from speakers. The hiss isn't dependent on volume level. I hear it on zero volume. It is not a problem in day time. But late at night the hiss becomes noticeable from 3 meters distance and then it becomes a problem.

Did anybody else noticed the hiss on zero volume?

Tony, a small amount of hiss is normal with all Naim amps - its level will somewhat depend on other factors such as acoustics, sensitivity of speakers, speaker cable, how bright the speakers are at a particular HF, etc...  I haven't really noticed it on the few occasions I've used an Atom.  If you are concerned then I would talk to your dealer and compare with their demo unit.

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