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Looking forward to taking delivery of a Uniti Core to use as playback/storage/ripping for my music collection, rather than a MacBook Pro (which I've used for the last several years).

Question: From an audio perspective, am I better to re-rip my CD collection using the Core OR will the files I've already ripped (in combinations of AIFF, Apple Lossless and AAC mostly) be sufficient if I just move them from my MacBook onto the disc on the Core? 

Also, can I move DSD files onto the Core and have them playback in their native form? I'm using a DAC-V1, into a SuperNait2.


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The lossless files will probably be fine, I would have a listen to a few just to satisfy yourself that they as good, as you may find a subtle difference between them and a Core rip. I think I'm right in saying that the Core cannot transcode to WAV on the fly (i.e.during playback) which some prefer to do so you might consider converting files to WAV. I would suggest plenty of trial and error with this before you load all your music onto the Core.

For the AAC stuff, definitely re-rip if you still have the CDs.

Thanks Adam and Chrissu -- much appreciated.

Chrissu - RE the AAC files.... some of them are purchased off iTunes.... and iTunes will still be a source for some purchased music.... Assuming there's no actual technical issue with the Core playing those files?

Apologies for the newbie level question..... I couldn't find an answer with a quick search. Thanks.

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