Warranty query, Astell + Kern

My Astell + Kern AK70 Mk II is faulty having dropped a channel on the headphone output. It is 4 months old.

I purchased it from an online shop who have advised me warranty claims are dealt with in the UK by iRiver. However I have used the contact form to attempt get in touch with them twice over the last week without any response.

I will try the additional fax and phone numbers when I get time but my question is that if I am unable to raise a response from iRiver can I get back to the retailer and tell them that it is not my problem to sort out the return and pass the responsibility back to them?


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Under UK consumer law, whoever you gave your money to is responsible. If they appoint a third party to process returns, that does not exonerate them. 

A&K is, of course, a subsidiary of iRiver, but that still doesn’t get the retailer off the hook. Was it a UK based seller?

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