What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested? (Vol. XIV)

Eoink posted:

The Saw Doctors - All The Way From Tuam - WAV CD rip

I have a great fondness for bands I’d describe as great pub-rockers, bands who are clearly having a blast, sound like,they could lose it at any moment, sound like they have a beer at their feet, but have great songs, excellent musicianship and infectious enthusiasm,

That’s the Saw Doctors, a very Irish pub band, but several levels of craft above, this’s an album of excellent songs, ballads like Yvonne, lots of crowd pleasing singalongs with deep Irish roots, basically fine songwriting played and sung superbly. 

Eoin , a great band live, discovered them supporting Squeeze and been a fan ever since.Their concerts are just one big party and a fun singalong - " get that wasp off my sandwich!" indeed.

Smoke And Noise - Chris Jones & Steve Baker

The CD of this plopped onto the doormat today. Superb Country/Blues (not sure how else to describe it), stunning musicianship, wonderful vocals and fine SQ. Just great, great music.

As you may have guessed I quite like this. Thouroughly recommended.

CJ may have passed on, but his music certainly lives on.

kevin J Carden posted:

Guy Clark, Old No.1

A £3.99 at HMV new discovery for me. Only 45 years after it was recorded ! 

It’s definitely of its era, but a properly heartfelt and original Country album, free from the Stadium Rock styling of far too many modern Country artists. This is a real find.


Considered to be one of the all time classic Texas country albums. Brilliant album

Stevee_S posted:
ALANP posted:

Image result for santana 3 album

Santana - the third album, brilliance from start to finish

Can't help but luv those early Santana albums. 

Yeah, sublime guitar ,great Hammond organ and superb percussion .They were pretty groundbreaking at the time and its still timeless

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