What concert did you attend in 2018?

Just got back from seeing Bon Jovi at Madison Square Garden. In NY on holiday and it was too good an opportunity to pass up.  Hard to believe its 32 years since the first time I saw them in Edinburgh. 

They were fantastic, played for over 2 and a half hours! Great fun hearing the old classics again. So much energy from the band and this was reflected back from the crowd. All 20000 of them. JBJ talked about its been 35 yrs since they first played at the Garden, opening for ZZ Top. 

Went to see Wilko Johnson at Leeds Uni. last night, and the band were in storming form.

Norman Watt-Roy delivered an object lesson on bass playing, and Dylan Howe was rock solid on drums all night.

Wilko? In fine voice, and bonkers as usual, eyeballing the audience throughout.

Support was from Hugh Cornwell, who managed to fit a few old Stranglers' favourites into his set, so, all in all, a great night out. 

Same gig as Dave. Hugh Cornwell was a very cool support act, great to hear Nice and Sleazy live for the forst time in decades.

Pretty much what Dave said, Norman Watt-Roy was superb all night, more a co-lead guitar than a bass, Dylan Howe is a class act on drums, and between Howe and Watt-Roy they are a rock solid backline. Wilko is still mad, one of the most recognisable guitar styles around, and he still has all the old moves, great front man. He doesn't seem to have changed at  all since his early days. Really enjoyable high-energy rock, Johnny B Goode as the encore had me humming the tune all the way home.

(Last time I saw Dylan Howe was a few years back at Dean Clough in Halifax, where he was leading his own band playing jazz versions of Berlin-era Bowie, quite a big change of style.)

Hungryhalibut posted:

We have just booked to the the Uriel Herman Trio at Duc des Lombards in Paris, in a couple of weeks time. It has a good restaurant too, which will be good. 

Yep. I think that venue trumps my recent visit to the Wedgwood Rooms, Albert Rd in Pompey, Nigel. 

dave marshall posted:

Went to see Wilko Johnson at Leeds Uni. last night, and the band were in storming form.

What a blast from the past!

I recall seeing a huge CD display of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot at Virgin mega store.

Does he still sounds like he has a severe case of cold?

St George's again. Lunchtime, Les Kasper'girls. French baroque songs and music, period instruments. How to describe this, light, summery, fun. Delicate instrumental and beautiful singing. The characterisation by the singers was superb, possibly raunchy and not entirely period but very entertaining. Sadly no CD yet available, a couple of examples on YouTube. 


Brahms Tragic Overture
Schumann Violin Concerto
Saint-Saëns Symphony No. 3 (Organ)

Faust – Bach Sarabande from Violin Partita No. 2 in D Minor, BWV 1004
Jacobs – Bach Fugue in A Minor, BWV 543

Krivine was much more animated and gave the orchestra dynamic direction. Nothing beats the live organ symphony!. We were sitting at the terrace right in front of the pipes. Flipside was I was too far away from Faust coupled with poor acoustic, could not appreciate the warm subtle tones of her fiddle. But her skillful phrasing and transparency came through just fine. It was interesting that Schumann's violin concerto has been never played so this was a dual *debut*. ( This was Faust's CSO debut, as well ) It's really a beautiful concerto. I am surprised it has not been played often.

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