What music would you want to be played at your funeral?

TOBYJUG posted:

Toccata and Fugue in D- Minor.   Would raise a few eyebrows, especially if given from a humongous organ in a cathedral.  And played by Damien Hirst or the ghosts of Vincent price and boris Karloff.  Sorry my gothic imagination is getting carried away.

That has the "brown note" in it, doesn't it?

I'm with the guy on p1 of this who said it's all an irrelevance anyway. Plus which, is there anything more cringe-inducing that being made to listen to someone's favourite songs, esp on a journey up the M1 to the other office that's a couple of hours away? No thanks.

And I know my wife & kids aren't particularly keen on my choice of Yes, ELP, John Martin, oddball offerings that crop up in Tidal playlists etc, so subjecting them to it as I ease out of this life doesn't seem fair to them when they'll be [hopefully] at their lowest ebb. Unless they're chuffed to bits to be shot of the grumbly old git at last. At least they'd be unlikely to be jolted into remembering me by hearing my departure tune on the radio.

I'll have whatever the organist can knock out as a bog standard recognisable funereal tune thanks. 

I'd love to have Sgt Peppers. tho the other night of slow music I have a Judy Collins early best of called Colors of the Day. Such a beautiful voice, wonderful songs.  I know one of them was an old ballad and she had whale songs in the background.  The last song is probably the best rendition of Amazing Grace I have ever heard, starts simply builds to a chorus and ends simply, ya gotta have a tear in your eye.

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