what was the last cd you bought?

Cross referencing the thread about hifi magazines. The CD was referred to as used in a review and I had not heard of Josefine Cronholm. A quick search of youtube and it sounded interesting. A second hand copy took two weeks to arrive.

A search of the forum and I could not find her name, but about the same time images started appearing in the Scottish forum.

Why am I listening, it's pleasant, comfortable, not challenging. It will get played again but probably not in my "top ten"

I'm cheating because it was bought for me but it was Steve Winwood  - Greatest Hits Live.Not the greatest title  but certainly some of his greatest music culled from different concerts over the last few years.Well recorded and does not suffer from loudness issues imho


Stevee_S posted:



The top album was purchased direct from The Hoax's website and incidentally is the last available album to buy as all the others have sold out. The bottom album was from the river. 

Good spot Steve, I have now picked up the Big City Blues vinyl direct from their site.

Having bought this on vinyl I found the copy I had had a defect on side two. There was a visible change of texture on the surface of the vinyl which produced a sort of hash on every revolution, particularly noticeable in quiet passages and between tracks. I cannot tolerate this, so the album was returned and the CD ordered instead. Not only is it £5.50 cheaper, but it also comes with a live DVD too. Replay via the NDS sounds pretty good too.

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