What was the last vinyl you bought?

Oh and ‘Jazz on the Corner’. A good compilation, notwithstanding the preposterous (or is it ironic) cover art. But... if I recall, someone commented on the lack of anti-stat sleeves. I should have paid more attention. My TT plinth isn’t best pleased and neither are my speakers. Shocking (how could it end otherwise). 🙄

Busy day for me at the local record shop.

John Lennon. Imagine. s/h early pressing from 1971

John Lennon. Imagine. s/h early pressing from 1971


John Lennon. Plastic One Band. s/h early pressing from 1970


John Mellencamp & Carlene Carter. Sad Clowns & Hillbillies. New from 2017


John Fogerty. Eye Of The Zombie. s/h first pressing on the Warner Brothers label from 1986


Paul McCartney. Chaos And Creation In The Backyard (2005). Re-issue released today

Again, I acquired this to satisfy my completist tendencies - I already have the original vinyl of this, which goes for silly money for some reason. A listen to PULSE on tape yesterday demonstrated that it's not that great a live album (there are better bootlegs of this tour out there) but it'll be interesting to see whether Grundman, Plante and Guthrie have improved the SQ, and what'll happen to prices of the original...

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