Which 4K TV?

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well worth having it calibrated - although there are those who will say it's a waste of time. All in the eye of the beholder I say! Grayscale did mine as they did my Panasonic VT Plasma - incredible results and much better than playing around with those set-up discs.



It's not a case of some people saying it's a waste of time due to the picture being in the eye of the beholder, it's the fact that some people possess the skill to calibrate it without outside debatable advice. From my perspective, I've looked at 10's, 100's or 1,000's of photography images a day, for 30 years. They are scrutinised for contrast, colour balance, etc.. and my eyes have been subconsciously trained to see the levels. This can be a handicap, as I'm not really 100% happy with any of the tv offerings. This is clearly not limited to me as a photographer, as many of my clients choose and/or comment on images in the same way as I feel without my opinion and there does tend to be a pattern with which clients I respect. As I've already said earlier, I've seen many professionally calibrated tvs and they look rubbish, not due to the tv limitations, but the settings. I've also read so much rubbish on the net.  The LG factory settings ISF Expert (Dark Room) are very good and only need a few tweaks on each input to optimise the picture. The usual gimmicky settings are nearly all switched off.

When your professional calibrater has done their job, take a look at various films, BBC news, ITV News, etc.... and every broadcast has it's own characteristic. Watch a quiz show and they're invariably ridiculously oversaturated and warm.  If someone decides on professional calibration, enjoy the tv and hopefully enjoy the calibration, but don't be smug.

Anyway, the above paragraphs won't change anyone.

I'm sorry but I totally disagree with you so we'd perhaps best leave it there! You're obviously somewhat of an expert and I seem to be spouting total rubbish and no matter what I say you will hold the same views. That said I've had several sets calibrated and others have commented on the quality of the picture so there must be something right. I don't watch quiz shows so can't comment there. Perhaps you've experienced poor calibration service in the past which is contrary to my experience. Three hours well invested in my experience and I'd do it again in a flash with any future set.

I am surprised there is no real specifics of 4K TVs discussed.. a bit like Naim watts, it's not all about size and phosphour saturation (Quantum Dot, Trilumunous Display etc) . Certainly for me the key things to look for are:

  • Full HDR dynamic range
  • Full HDR DCI-P3 Wide Colour Gamut support
  • 10bit or better panel (surprisingly many 4K TVs are still using 8 bit panels)
  • 10 bit or better colour processing.. supporting Dolby Vision HDR
  • High performance/effective  upsampling DSP for 8 bit SDR material... i.e. most broadcast current HD (look for colour banding in low bit rate video and edge of gamut colours in high bit rate video)
  • Check display still looks natural and not washed out when not relying on artificially saturated  colours in WCG HDR.

For me I am holding off until the new 2017 models arrive and readily available which should better address the above compared to 2016. The industry seems to be moving from size matters to quality matters .. should be interesting and I will be finally able to retire my rather power hungry calibrated 8 bit SDR plasma TV which still holds its own albeit with its reduced SDR colour gamut.

The usual misguided forum talk.

a) Iang, I wasn't referring to you. My 'smug' comment was clearly aimed at Ravenswood's opinion that unless someone has their tv professionally calibrated, they're missing out and they don't know it.

b) Ravenswood, whether you watch quiz shows is irrelevant and points like that make me wonder. I stated adjustments to expert dark rook are needed and yes for the better when I'm doing them. "Perhaps you've experienced poor calibration service" - please read my post again.  "I'm sorry but I totally disagree with you so we'd perhaps best leave it there" - Not only do you then do you then go on to write a paragraph, you write another post. 

Differing opinions are what makes forums interesting, but not if people aren't going to take the time to read or understand posts.

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After two faulty Sony's, I decided to try the LG OLED instead and paid the price difference. It wasn't a free upgrade if that is what you're asking Don ?

As I understand, the main difference between the Oppo 203 and 205 will be in the DAC/sound processing capabilities not picture processing. If you plan to use the full music capabilities as a universal player then the 205 may be the one to go for. If your main usage will just be watching films, the 203 is probably adequate.

That said, my understanding may be wrong...


Hi Ian,

On re-reading, it looks like my question was convoluted...........apologies !

I was simply asking which model of 65" LG OLED you bought. (I presume there is more than one model, but I'm unsure even on that point)



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