Wilhelm Furtwangler and Beethoven’s #7 & #8

Hi, Huge gave an excellent description of Beethoven’s #7 a couple of weeks ago which  motivated me to get the CD in. Who else but Furtwangler for the job. However because of the age, it’s a mono recording, I guess it’s from reel to reel. The CD is out of Japan legendary Performance/ Memorial edition Vienna Philharmonic orchestra. My question is...as far as Furtwangler, is there a remastered stereo version of Beethovens #7 and #8. Or because of the era it is what it is. I can get great remastered blues from the 50’s after all. Looking at CD.

thanks  in advance .

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Presto Classical have a number of options for a Furtwangler Beethoven 7th, but I would expect that they will all be in mono, as recorded.


Personally, as a first choice, I would prefer a modern recording which would give a closer approximation to what you would actually hear in a live concert.

Presto Classical have a complete Beethoven symphony cycle from Riccardo Chailly at a bargain price.

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