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hello Claus, the mainz 8 D is a passive power block, like nordost q8, or a power conditionner like the ones of shunyata or isotek?
French Rooster

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Hi Claus - I'm George Part 1 of 2 Ansuz is something else. I have been to demos at private homes where Lars was demoing their products.

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In addition to loose fitting plug/socket connections, I find the cable itself can cause problems. I have a Flashback Toslink, which is...

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Oh,. I thought they are cables and distribution boards, not conditioners. That might explain the cost? I wouldn't be in a hurry to fit a...

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If you are an EU citizen you are free to work in Ireland without visas or permits, the company I work for in Dublin currently employs 2...

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Hi Don - actually that does begin to clarify somethings, Makes sense actually. Thank you. Sloop - email will be forthcoming. Thank you...

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I'm thinking "Big River" I've never heard of them. Then the light bulb came on Just ordered one, I'll update once installed. Thanks

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Ian - have you seen that brilliant film Artist In Residence: The Football Club , all about a painter employed by West Brom last season?

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Kev, Loving the City result with Hudderfield - City running riot.Mendy is looking superb at rightback. Hope Brighton get something...
Tabby cat

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I would personally like to thank the players of Manchester City for so comprehensively destroying Huddersfield that my beloved Irons no...

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This afternoon it’s been Pentangle, Wolfgang Rihm and Tool. The stridency and brightness are no longer evident but the engagement is...

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I’ve had no trouble getting RP FLAC to play from my MacBook. I wonder if this is related to the fact that Apple have only very recently...

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If you are a little concerned regarding how well the HH6 performs against some other hub/routers then you may want to read the latest PC...