Reply by Bert Schurink

Followed suit and listened to my version. Indeed a fine album, while I belief that the combination and mix with the other album four by...
Bert Schurink

Reply by dave marshall

I'm in the same club, I'm afraid, though when my neighbour commented that my back garden "looks like a country meadow", I took that as a...
dave marshall

Reply by feeling_zen

There are speakers that give a massive wide open soundstage even when paired with Naim. Without trying I ended up with a combo that has...

Reply by dave-mac

Another Focal user here who is definitely not happy. (Atom, focal 926, Chord epic) The sound is still weak, nothing ever kicks in with...

Reply by tonym

The way local species' populations wax and wane over relatively short periods of time's rather fascinating. We've lived in rural Suffolk...

Reply by caolino70

@Xenasys not sure. I just realised that i’m In doubt with the Star and not with the Nova, too expensive for me ps do you know how to...

Reply by ChrisSU

As a 200DR owner, I would suggest that you go for...... a Hicap! Unless, of course, you fancy going for a 282 first!

Reply by feeling_zen

In seriousness, kids differ but if you are lucky it is a phase. I've spent 2 different 6 month stretches with the big system powered off...

Reply by nbpf

With 30-40 Mbps you could also give the Digital Concert Hall a try and also enjoy hires videos together with a rather sumptuous audio.

Reply by gert

Tidal is supported natively by the naim app. Why do you want to stream it via BubbleUPnP? The only advantage could be if you let...

Reply by Obsydian

Been waiting to try Qobuz, will try via Bubble Upnp, are you on Sublime +? Simon, assume I can use Tidal the same way, for now?

Reply by gert

I prefer the lumin app instead of the kazoo app, because the qobuz new album (discover) section is separated into genres and each genre...

Reply by Nick Lees

The Sublime subscription has more than justified itself on playback alone, but add in the discounts on purchases and it's a no-brainer...
Nick Lees

Reply by Richard Dane

The DR part of the NAP200DR is just a DR regulator on the small pre-amp supply. Therefore, if you're using a dedicated power supply on...
Richard Dane

Reply by Richard Dane

In my experience, the NAC552 Burndy connector should lock quite smoothly and relatively easily. It should not need plumbers grips to do...
Richard Dane

Reply by TOBYJUG

I too have an odd shaped room with one speaker close to a side wall, and have had issues with soundstage and depth. Naim gear,...

Reply by Finkfan

Hi @Qlder Brad Nice system. I too use a 272/250 combo. It’s a great system. I have found the soundstage, depth and imagery to be very...

Reply by Obsydian

TONY123 - Gave up using Hdmi after my first RMA. SIMONPETERARNOLD - I would look into a full refund via the dealer, if they do not...

Reply by tony123

By the way, does HDMI input works OK for everyone? (with update 2.6.1). I didn't check mine yet, but my friend experienced some problems...

Reply by Mike1951

Yes, it's mains-based. During the day and when playing, it's not a problem. It's just a bit weird walking into lounge early in the...

Reply by SimonPeterArnold

Tried to listen to music last night again under 2.6.1 but I had to turn it off as it was just not enjoyable., Internet radio is...